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I’m sure some of you have heard the phrase, “I’d drink her bathwater.” I finally decided to look up where this came from and I can’t find the origin, but I found plenty of examples of it used in songs.

“She’s so tuff, my knee’s a little rough
From crawlin’ on across her floor.
If she’d place an order I’d drink her bath water and
Not even use a chaser.”
ZZ Top – Decision or Collision

So, I’m just wondering how high were they when they came up with this shit? I mean, honestly….bathwater? Gross. Do you know what’s IN bathwater? Seriously, its dead skin, dirt from your pores, soap, sweat…I mean, its all the stuff you want to get OFF your body and now someone wants to drink it? Yes, I realize that its not meant to be taken quite so literally, but what kind of freaking compliment is that supposed to be? Furthermore, I’d love to say that this is primarily a male phrase, but noooooo….

“But I still love to wash in your old bathwater
Love to think that you couldn’t love another
I can’t help it, you’re my kind of man “
No Doubt – Bathwater

Someone please explain to me how this is a compliment and why on earth anyone would want to drink bathwater or make that kind of comparison. I mean, let’s get real. Tell someone you love them so much, you’d wipe their ass if they got too fat or too old to do it themselves. Tell them that you’d build them a ramp if they ended up in a wheelchair. Tell someone that no matter how gross feet are, that you’d rub their feet if that’s what they really wanted. I mean, isn’t oral sex enough? Why do we need to drink dirty water?

Well, that’s my rant about that…here’s to love and CLEAN water!


head: CATWA HEAD Catya
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [Glam Affair] Dee Applier

hair: TRUTH Elixir
[ rD ] – Amelie Set @ The Liaison Collaborative
(Yummy) Grace Ring Set @ Uber
Ascendant – Midnight Call Nails

pose w/tub: Amitie Paris Nights @ The Liaison Collaborative


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Grasp the Thorn

“But he who dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.”
― Anne Bronte


head: CATWA HEAD Catya
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [Glam Affair] Dee Applier

Moon. Hair // – Happy
(Yummy) Precarious Love Necklace @ Uber
Ascendant – Savage Nails @ LeVeL
Blueberry – Stella – Flowy Top
Blueberry – Stella – Flowy Skirt
Blueberry – Stella – Fishnet & Shoes

FOXCITY. Curves Bento Pose Set

MINIMAL – Santorini Backdrop
-Garden- by anc “secret garden”

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HaHaHaHa, NO.

Let’s face it, rejection sucks. It doesn’t matter if its being rejected by someone we have a crush on, or a job we’ve applied for, or a blogging team. Being told, No, you can’t have what you want can” often feel so brutal. And depending on our mood, it can feel terribly personal, and THAT…is when it hurts the most. I don’t know about the rest of you, but there are times that I take a leap and reach for something that I feel from the start is really out of my league. I have these brief moments of courage that tell me I can do anything or that it doesn’t hurt to try. Anyone that has read my blog before, knows that I’m not usually quite so brave, not really, not when it comes to things I want. Anyway, when I saw this backdrop from The Bearded Guy, I chuckled to myself and though how many times I’ve applied for blogging teams, imagining them reviewing my application and laughing just like that, “Hahahahahaha, NO.” And here I set not only blogging for Dahlia, which I thought I’d never get, but on the wait list for Nutmeg, which means they didn’t laugh and say no. It doesn’t mean I’ll get it, but there’s a far better chance than no and I’m holding out hope. So, keep your chins up, my lovely readers….ya never know when the answer might just be, “Yes, please.”


Hahaha – Latency Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ 6 Republic Event

Dahlia – Patia @ Uber
-Dahlia – Patia – Water ing Can – Pink
-Dahlia – Patia – Potted Ivy
-Dahlia – Patia – Ivy Seedlings
-Dahlia – Patia – Garden Terranium – Beige
-Dahlia – Patia – Hanging Ivy

Nutmeg. Garden Getaway @ The Epiphany
3. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Cup Stack
4. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Books & Coffee
7. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Table w/ Cookies 3
9. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Cookies & Cutlery
10. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Coffee Pot & Cloth
11. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Coffee Pot & Pears
13. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Leather Bag
15. Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Bentwood Chair

Nutmeg. Disarray Round Wooden Table w/Cloth
Nutmeg. Disarray Wooden Candlestick
Nutmeg. Disarray Wooden Candlestick 2
Nutmeg. Disarray Iron Wine Rack
Nutmeg. Disarray Old Jar Plant
Nutmeg. Disarray Newspapers & Hat
Nutmeg. Disarray Wicker Basket Light v2

Nutmeg. Dacha Crumpled Towel


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“Listen as the wind blows
From across the great divide
Voices trapped in yearning
Memories trapped in time
The night is my companion
And solitude my guide
Would I spend forever here
And not be satisfied
And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d, wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear
Through this world I’ve stumbled
So many times betrayed,
Trying to find an honest word,
To find the truth enslaved,
Oh you speak to me in riddles and
You speak to me in rhymes
My body aches to breathe your breath,
Your words keep me alive
And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d, wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear
Into this night I wander,
It’s morning that I dread,
Another day of knowing of
The path I fear to tread,
Oh, into the sea of waking dreams
I follow without pride,
Nothing stands between us here
And I won’t be denied
And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d, wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear
I’ll hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes”


Sady is wearing:
hair:  Sintiklia – Hair Titania
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

Cynful One Sleeve Knot Top @ C88
Blueberry – Sammy Jeans
Blueberry – Sammy Boots

Cruel is wearing:
hair: Dura-B89-Hair
head: CATWA HEAD Daniel
body: [Signature] Gianni Body

::GB:: Henley shirt

pose: Ardent Poses – I’m Here @ Flourish

Sunshine – Rampage Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Unik

SAYO – Crystalline Pendant Lamp @ Uber

crate Upcycled Wall Shelf – Pastel @ Belle
crate Upcycled Pouf – Pastel @ Belle

Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Spaniel Resting

[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 2


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I Need You

“I don’t need a lot of things
I can get by with nothing
With all the blessings life can bring
I’ve always needed something
But I’ve got all I want
When it comes to loving you
You’re my only reason
You’re my only truth
I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From heaven’s gate
There’s a freedom in your arms
That carries me through
I need you
You’re the hope that moves me
To courage again, oh yeah
You’re the love that rescues me
When the cold winds, rage
And it’s so amazing
‘Cause that’s just how you are
And I can’t turn back now
‘Cause you’ve brought me too far
I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From heaven’s gate
There’s a freedom in your arms
That carries me through
I need you
Oh yes I do
I need you like water
Like breath, like rain
I need you like mercy
From heaven’s gate
There’s a freedom in your arms
That carries me through
I need you
Oh yes I do
I need you
I need you”


hair:  MINA – Brianna – (*new* @ UBER)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia
[Cynful] Sam’s Corset Dress

pose: RK Poses. Say my name
*~*HopScotch*~* Classic Window Room (Days of Yore)



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You can hardly go on YouTube these days without getting a suggestion for an ASMR video. I’m so confused by this fad and I insist that this is a fad. I’ll readily admit its an actual thing for some people, but as this new form of relaxation that’s based on these strange sounds. I swear there’s a sound for everyone. *rolls Dusty’s cartoon eyes* Seriously, from people eating chips, crinkling plastic, tapping their nails on a plastic head (yes, really), and even the petting of furry microphones. As I dug a bit deeper into this subject, I found that there’s even ASMRotica. Yes, that’s what its called. Naturally, I had to see what that involved. The first thing I found was two girls kissing, rather sloppily in my opinion. There are sexy voiced whispers, essentially one sided voice sex. Then a girl with a cock sized and shaped lollipop, that took her sweet ass noisy time taking the wrapper off. Eventually she gave a sad, loud, slurpy blowjob to this rainbow penis sucker. By the looks of the comments, she failed to meet the ASMRotica crowd by a long shot. I would absolutely love to learn more about this ASMR phenomena from someone that’s actually into that, as I’m a curious kitty.  On that note, if any of my readers are into the whole ASMR thing, I’d love to chat. Please reach out to me directly inworld. You know how to find me, right? (Sadystika Sabretooth)


hair: #Foxy – Peach Hair (*new* @ Kustom9)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
eyes: –SU!– Osanna Eyes
IDTTY Faces – Spicy Lipstick (*new* @ TLC)
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

SU!– Piercing Set 07 Septum & Nose Studs
(Yummy) Bang Bang Choker (*new* @ Uber)
^^Swallow^^ Darkness Ears
(Yummy) Art Deco Rings
Ascendant  – She Wore Diamonds

pose: FOXCITY. Focus On Me Bento Pose Set (*new* @ Kustom9)

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“A library is never — for lovers of the written word — simply a place for conserving or storing books but rather a sort of living creature with a personality and even moods which we should understand and learn to live with.” – Francisco Márquez Villanueva

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved books. Yes, I love to read, but its more than that. I love possessing books. I love the smell of them and the feel of them in my hands, the pages between my fingers. I love the energy and smells of bookstores and libraries alike and each has their own individual scent. Books are like magical portals to another world and when a story really pulls you in…that collection of paper and words truly transports me so far away that it is one of the greatest escapes in the world.
I love this quote, because its just so damn true. Whether a small collection of books or an entire room or building, the titles and authors on display truly come together to create a personality of its own, not to mention a reflection of the keeper of said books.

don't over complicate it

hair:  Lamb. Lilac (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
Veechi – Culprit Shadow (*new* @ Uber)
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #20 [PUMEC] – MIA – JUNE (*new* @ Epiphany)
tattoo: IDTTY Body Shop – Feline Fatale

Meva Sora Gloves
Dead Dollz – Nora Outfit (*new* @ Uber)

pose by An Lar (can’t remember which set, sorry)
location: Burrow Coffee Co.

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Kill & Chill

So, almost everyone knows that Netflix & Chill has lost it’s original meaning and turned into code for something comparable to a booty call. I personally still think of it is as me binge watching TV from the comfort of my bed with some good snacks! However, sometimes I’m irritated or anxious and sitting still watching television isn’t going to do the trick. Sure, I could take a xanax and calm down, but then I’d pass the fuck out. That’s too chill, especially when I’ve got so much on my plate. This past year I was introduced to Guild Wars 2 and I’ve got to say it has become the perfect escape for me. There are times that I am simply not feeling social, but going into another virtual world to kill monsters? Oh yes, please!!! Plus, its no big secret that I’m a lover of violence!
The minute I saw this fantastic form fitting bodysuit from Bueno, my mind immediately went to Kill Bill, as it is one of my favorite films of all time. I even did a term paper in college on Beatrice, but that’s a story for another time. It probably would have been more appropriate for this picture, but anyone that reads my blog regularly knows that I do what I want! *laughs*

kill and chill

hair:  Tableau Vivant // Bise hair  (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #20 [PUMEC] – MIA – JUNE (*new* @ Epiphany)
BUENO-BodySuit (*new* @ Uber)

pose by Bauhaus Movement

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“Hey, anyone can get love, anyone can get laid
You know you’re home when you find the ones who
Stay brave enough not to tame, they let you burst into flames
Stoke the coals and then watch you blow, yeah
They’re the ones make you trust in the universe
When you’re lost and you’re left and it’s getting worse
They’re the ones who you know will get you by
We are all strange
And it ain’t never, never, ever gonna change
We are all strange
And it ain’t never, ever, never gonna change”


hair:  ::C’est la vie !:: Kiki Hair   (*new* @ Salon 52)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [Glam Affair] Dorothy Applier [ Catwa ] 001 ( 20 )

LYBRA . AMBER (*new* @ Uber)
UC_Pearl_wedding_heels (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose by DelMay


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Dear Customers

Dear Customers,

Obviously, this is not aimed at every single customer in the world or even on the grid. However, it is aimed at enough people that I took it upon myself to use a blog post for the article. I’m not going to bitch at you or try to insult you, because customers are wonderful. Yet, there seems to a few things in Second Life that most customers seemed to be a bit confused about, so I’m going to try and help both the customer, as well as the designer, with a few helpful tips.

  1. Contacting the designer for any reason. First thing I recommend is looking at the designer’s profile. Most designers have specific instructions for common issues and a list of contacts for the fastest response. Follow those instructions. I promise, they’re there for a reason.
  2. Keep it Simple. Whatever the directions say to do…do it. Don’t go over the stop with long drawn out explanations. Designers are smart, they know what keywords mean. So, instead of explaining why you made a double purchase, just stated: Double purchase….and whatever else the designer needs from you.
  3. Transaction History. People, please, learn what this is…it is your friend and can save you so much frustration down the road. It surprises me how many people don’t know how to do this. You go to  and log in. On the left, there’s a drop down menu for Account, then a clear and precise option for Transaction History. This will open up a variety of options with your most recent transactions listed, along with other pertinent information. Copy & paste what you need.
  4. Be polite & patient. Chances are if you’re having an issue with the fit or not receiving your item, other people might be, too. The designer might be dealing with complaints as quickly as possible. Being nasty and rushing the designer is not going to encourage them to help you any faster.
  5. Designers are human, too. Please remember that just like you, designers are people with lives in RL and some even manage to have one in SL. However, they are very busy and deserve some time off without having to hide on an alt. Being courteous takes you a long way.
  6. Profiles are important. Please read designer profiles, customer service profiles, etc. Make sure you are contacting the correct person and it might not hurt to double check what your sending to make sure its got all the right info.
  7. Legacy names matter! I personally like to sign my notecards with a copy of my calling card. Just type your name into your inventory search and you’ll find yours. This makes it easier for the designer to find you. However, if for some reason a calling card is too difficult for you…-_-…please copy your legacy name, not your display name. You cannot be searched by display name and it is not the designer’s job to play detective to figure out who sent them what.

That’s it for now, my lovelies. However, my regular readers know I love doing these “Dear _______” posts. So, there you have it, the first directed at customers. Happy Shopping!


hair:  DOUX – Danna hairstyle
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: –Belleza– Freya
skin: [theSkinnery] Paola

^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
^^Swallow^^ Princess Bento Rings
_CandyDoll_ Noelia (*new* @ UBER)

pose: [KoKoLoReS] Coffee Break pose pack (includes coffee cup)