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Ashes of Eden

Will the faithful be rewarded
When we come to the end
Will I miss the final warning
From the lie that I have lived
Is there anybody calling
I can see the soul within
And I am not worthy
I am not worthy of this
Are you with me after all
Why can’t I hear you
Are you with me through it all
Then why can’t I feel you
Stay with me, don’t let me go
Because there’s nothing left at all
Stay with me, don’t let me go
Until the Ashes of Eden fall
~ Breaking Benjamin – Ashes of Eden

stealthic blueberry bay

hair: Stealthic – Vigil
head: LeLUTKA Erin Head 1.2
body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (1.2)
skin: [theSkinnery] Maya (LeLutkaEVO) @ Uber

Blueberry – In Control – Bodysuit

pose: :oushk – Snake Charmer – #2 – Black (comes with snake)

location: The Bay

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Don’t Get Any Closer

What if I let you and you don’t like what you see
‘Cause it’s not what it seems let me tell you why
You have no idea yeah you’ve only seen a piece
But now it’s underneath no I cannot lie
Sometimes I get so frustrated
I’ve tried a million times to say it
It’s so much easier to fake
So trust me
Don’t get any closer
These walls are super high so don’t even try
To get any closer
I’m scared you’re gonna find
All the things I’ve been hiding from you
All the things I’ve been hiding from you
What if you hear the thoughts that haunt me in my sleep
The secrets I don’t speak running through my mind
You have no idea yeah you’ve only seen a piece
But now it’s underneath no I cannot lie
~ Bebe Rexha – Don’t Get Any Closer

stealthic oushk yasum reign templar bg

Sady is wearing:
hair:  Stealthic – Plush
head: LeLUTKA Lake Head 1.1
body:  [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (1.2)
skin: [theSkinnery] Signe @ Uber

Tattoo “Dragon of the Rising Sun”_by GoK
:oushk – Zahra Chain Veil @ Belle
Yasum*Add Me*Legacy&Lara*Yang-Top* @ Kinky
Yasum*Add Me*Legacy&Lara*Ying-Pants* @ Kinky

pose: T E M P L A R //FURY @ Belle

Tusa Backdrop *RARE* – The Bearded Guy


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Retail Therapy Gratification

Retail therapy is one of the most gratifying ways to change how you feel. Feeling like a badass? Go buy some killer boots like these sexy thigh highs from BREATHE. You can find yours at Kinky. These are a must for any girl that likes a sexy power walk after making a bold decision. Wanna wraps the goods in something sexy, but sheer? Well, Oushk has the perfect little number at Whore Couture. They even offer up some color change panties for free, in case you’re not wanting to show off the hooha quite as much as the girls. *winks*

oushk breathe

hair:  DOUX – Yuka hairstyle @ Level
head: LeLUTKA Nova Head 1.0
body:  [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) (1.2)
skin: [the Skinnery] Ashley (Lelutka) @ Uber
-7P-Ivy Tattoo Appliers @ TLC

SU!– Almond Nails @ Anthem
(Yummy) Zodiac Ring Set @ Uber
:oushk – Ivy Play Lingerie @ Whore Couture
[BREATHE]-Soji Heels @ Kinky

pose: Diversion – Affection Poses

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Like a Lighthouse

How can someone stand so damn close
And feel like they’re worlds away?
I can see your sad story eyes
So how do you have no words to say?

All I want is to fall in deeper
Than I’ve ever been, why won’t you let me?
I can handle your heart, so help me

Here you are, next to me
So much beauty at my feet
All I wanna do is swim
But the waves keep crashing in
No, I’m not afraid to drown
Take me out, take me down
I’m so tired of the shore
Let me in, baby
You’re an ocean beautiful and blue
I wanna swim in you

Like a lighthouse, I’ve been shining bright
Through the dark for the both of us
And “I’ve done it outta love” is not enough
But God, how I wish it was

And I don’t wanna find out
How much lonely I can take before you lose me
Baby, look at me and swear you won’t lose me
~Lady Antebellum – Oceans

doux oushk

Sady is wearing:
hair:  #1 DOUX – Summer Day Hairstyle [RARE] RARE
^^Swallow^^ Charm Ears
head: LeLUTKA Nova Head 1.0
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [the Skinnery] Ashley (Lelutka) @ Uber

Ascendant – Polished Square Nails
(Yummy) Bestie Ring Set
:oushk – Hera Bodysuits & robes @ Belle

pose: Amitie Queen of Spring Pack @ Uber