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Quite a show

When I was taking this picture, I had to be careful of the angle, because I wasn’t trying to flash my hooha. This made me giggle, because I remember when I was in the fourth grade I was learning to play the autoharp at school. This instrument lays across your lap and you use both hands to play it. There was, of course, a concert for the parents to come see how their children had progressed.
I was super excited and my mom had bought me a special dress for the occasion. What we didn’t think about was how I sat when playing this wretched beast of an instrument. Lo and behold, I sat on the stage and got situated. Unfortunately, this involved spreading my legs a bit in order to balance the autoharp. You can just imagine how mortified my parents were as they looked up from the audience to see that I was showing my pretty little panties to the whole audience providing quite a show. Needless to say, this was the first of many wardrobe malfunctions to occur throughout my life, but none were quite as memorable as this one.

tableau vivant eudora

Sady is wearing:
hair:  Tableau Vivant \\ Tara hair
head: LeLUTKA Nova Head 1.0
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [theSkinnery] Ginny (LeLutka&Bom) @ Uber

[ kunst ] – Aurora watch @ Uber
[ILAYA] Dila Rings @ Uber
Ascendant  – Call me Boss Nails

Mimikri – Spaghetti Strap Top / Tatum @ Uber
Mimikri – Chain Belt Skirt / Tatum @ Uber
Eudora3D Patent Boots  GROUPGIFT

pose: Secret Poses – Bohemia

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“I’ve got nothing to hide
I’ve got nothing at all
You with all of the answers
Leave me alone
(Leave me alone)

Talking, talking it hurts
I just want a dessert
What a bitter disaster
Leave me alone
(Leave me alone)”
~ Meg Myers – Go

use your senses

hair: Navy+Copper – Genna
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
#Besom Lashes~ Sweetheart Lash
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

(Yummy) Bang Bang Choker (*new* @ Uber)
Mimikri – Jazzie Leather Shrug (*new* @ Uber)
LYBRA . NEDA (*new* @ Uber)

pose: RK Poses. Kylie
location: REKA Holdings


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101, My Ass!

Do you ever look at some kids’ stories and think, “WTF?” Well, I do. 101 Dalmatians is definitely one of those stories. For one thing, who wants a fur coat made from dog fur? Have you ever smelled a wet dog? My god, they stink! Then there’s the whole theme of all these dogs communicating to rescue 97 puppies? Gimme a damn break. My dog is pretty smart, but she doesn’t know the difference between her ass hole and a dog treat. She’s lick either one! Then they take all these puppies home? Uhm, can we say puppy mill? I bet that house smelled fantastic…lol. I honestly don’t know how anyone can deal with more than two dogs at a time, especially 101 with most of them being puppies. They’d have that entire house chewed up within and hour. So many holes in this story that I could spend all day picking it apart. Do you have any stories like that? I’d love to hear about it.

101 my ass

hair:  16.Doe: Brookie (twotone) – Monotone
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair –  Catwa Applier – Clara – America 02
tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Rise Again
Mimikri – Neve Fur Coat snow leopard
Maddict – Starlet Gloves
Phedora ~ Sadystika Set ~ 28 C.
Phedora ~Vilma Ankle boots Maitreya ~ Bordeaux (*new* @ Epiphany)

pose: FOXCITY. Bento Sits VOL1

dust bunny . sleepless attic . skybox

[ARIA] Lydia sofa
[ARIA] Lydia Amsonia flowers in a vase

JIAN Dashing Dalmatians (*new* @ Epiphany)
-JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 5. Companion Pup Medium
-JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 6. Companion Pup Small
-JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 13. Held Pup Medium
-JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 16. Steal Yo Gurl
-JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 17. Sandwich Thief
-JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 18. Triple Nap
-JIAN Dashing Dalmatians 19. Family Nap

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Baja Moment

Yes, I’m a cornball and tried to use Baja as a play on words. It worked in my head, just go with it. LOL. Sooo, I was out exploring the grid late one night, looking for a beach sim that I could actually rez on and remembered that someone had told me about a group of beach sims belonging to some “Baja” group. Yes, that’s how I remembered it…stay with me here. Search is my friend, so Baja…typed it in and found my way to a beautiful trio of sims belonging to the group *Baja Norte*. For a small group fee of only L$250 I was granted rezzing rights on all three sims.
Baja Cove

I wandered about this luxurious seaside paradise for at least two hours, just admiring all the beautiful scenes before breaking out my poses and getting to work. Its a gorgeous area that I can’t recommend highly enough and if you’re lucky you might encounter a friendly face or make a new friend.
baja cove 2

Be sure to pack your poses, you camera, and your swimwear, because the scenery commands photography and well….you know you’ve got more summer clothes than you can shake a stick at. With all the fantastic summer themed shopping events going on, there is plenty of inspiration to go around. Enjoy your summer! ❤
baja cove 3

TRUTH HAIR Harmony [Ponytail] (comes with an updo also)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
**RE** LUX Innamorata Set (earrings & necklace)
Mimikri – Luna Paillettes Top (*new* @Cosmopolitan)
Mimikri – Luna Leather Hot Pants (*new* @Cosmopolitan)
**RE** Zaria Bracelets
.:Hermony:. FilterCigarette
**RE** LUX Soleil Anklets Medium

poses: double take
location: Baja Cove

baja cove 4


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Everywhere I Look

“Imagination is the true magic carpet.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Isn’t that true? Especially in a virtual world like Second Life where we’re not only allowed but encouraged to push beyond the boundaries of our own imaginations. I’m continuously amazed by all the beauty I encounter in this virtual world. From beautiful clothing, to furnishings and decor…and best of all, the places people build to share with the rest of us. Whether is an RP sim, a game experience like the ones from MadPea, clubs, homes, or places designed specifically for exploring.

Lately, I’ve taken that same awe in wonder that I find myself with in a virtual world and looking at the real world in similar ways. It really is an incredible world we live in, whether looking at nature, man-made structures, or even destruction…there is beauty and awe to be found at every turn if we simply open our minds and take a good look.

While that really has very little, okay, nothing to do with my look here…I will say that I took these pictures on the stage area of a new club called Dante’s Inferno. I love this little place. Its beautifully decorated and the owners have been genuinely welcoming…that’s been my experience anyway. I encourage you all to open your eyes in both worlds and look with your heart at all the wonders surrounding us. ❤

As seen above:
hair: Magika – Honey Whiskey
head: CATWA HEAD Gwen with Atelier Pepe -Ashley applier
eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Ice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara with Atelier Pepe-Ashley applier
necklace: .ET. L’odeur du cuir Necklace White
jacket: Mimikri – Alba Fur Jacket bone
lingerie: UC_Wild_wife_corset_white
claws: Meva Claws Silver
shoes: #EMPIRE – Columbine