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I’ll Be Good…ok, I’ll try

“I’ll be good, I’ll be good
And I’ll love the world, like I should
Yeah, I’ll be good, I’ll be good
For all of the times that I never could.”
~~Jaymes Young‘s I’ll Be Good


Despite what people might think I do try to be a good person. That was not always the case and one attribute I’m known for is my brutal sarcasm. I won’t go into the birth of this sarcasm, but I will touch on the fact that it continues to amuse me when people discover this “mean streak” of mine and are genuinely shocked. Let’s face it, my legacy name inworld is Sadystika Sabretooth. You’d think that would be a clue. Yet, for every amazing and intelligent friend I have that knows I only banter with the ones I love, there is someone out there with such delicate feelings that they all but cry when I ask them to please communicate effectively. For instance, if you say to me that you needs “some of dat coffee to wit this coffee I’m drinking here”…well, yes, I’m going to be confused and you should damn well expect a blank stare. Am I lost? No, dear, you’re just stupid, but do I say that? No, I simply twirl my blonde hair around my finger and stare into space. All the while, the coffee with coffee drinker has the audacity to laugh because I got lost. Or, I don’t know, one of my personal favorites was the guy who wanted to show me his new pixelated pubic patch. No, dear, I’m not offended. You’re just stupid.

lost my mind_007

I realize that not everyone has received a proper education, been taught manners, or has been shown love as a child. Trust me, I don’t go around the grid poking fun at the uneducated or the slow learners (with the exception of one friend, who is actually a borderline genius…she just has the memory of a goldfish.) I’m not cruel or rude (usually.) I honestly try very hard to be nice. This was not always the case, mind you.
lost my mind_010
In my twenties, I truly thought I knew it all. I believed I was ten feet tall and bullet proof. Turns out, I knew nothing. I was merely five foot three inches tall and quick on my feet. I walked around with a chip on my shoulder and a fight waiting to happen. I blamed my childhood and any other situation in which I could play the victim. Eventually, with time and life experiences, I grew up. I had to let go of my cold, merciless, broken excuses and be somewhat of an adult. I learned to choose my battles a bit more wisely. I also learned to choose the wheres and whens of reckless behaviors a lot more carefully.
So, instead of going out there and getting into arguments with the half-wits on the grid. I simply shake my head and laugh. (Ok, sometimes I toy with them to see how long it will take them to figure out that I’m just being a little….well…you get the idea.) What was I saying? Oh yes, instead of lashing out, acting out, and getting myself mixed up in some sort of trouble…now? I go shopping and one of my biggest weaknesses are Gachas. Which is precisely how this post started.
lost my mind_008
I’ve been a bad, bad girl. I visited The Gacha Garden and went so completely nuts on the Astralia Wisdom Angel gacha machine that I didn’t even realize how many times I played until low and behold I received the Seed of Inspiration gift! You gotta admit, its an amazing outfit. I didn’t manage to get the third rare, but I’d say I did alright. There are tons of events just starting up, but The Gacha Garden is definitely one you don’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more goodies from the various other events across the grid, cuz while I’m trying to be good…I have an addiction to feed! Happy shopping! ❤

hair by elikatira: [e] Haley
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Astralia – Wisdom angel Forehead jewel (*new* @The  Gacha Garden)
Astralia – Wisdom angel WINGS RARE (*new* @The  Gacha Garden)
Astralia – Wisdom angel Nipples Pink (*new* @The  Gacha Garden)
Astralia – Wisdom angel bracelets Pink (*new* @The  Gacha Garden)
Astralia – Wisdom angel belt Pink (*new* @The  Gacha Garden)
Astralia – Wisdom angel SOI SCEPTRE (*Seed of Inspiration* @The  Gacha Garden)
Astralia – Wisdom angel HEELS MAITREYA RARE (*new* @The  Gacha Garden)

Land of Nodd Headstone (Configurable)
HPMD* wire grass
HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass
HPMD* Colored Bush
Skye Alligator Apple Bush
{anc} tears tree
unKindness: uK – Wrought Iron Fence Straight Rust

pose by Lalochezia