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Hey There, Wanna Talk About Skin Fair?

So, I’m blogging for the Skin Fair put on by Pale Girl Productions. I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous, because as a rule I’ve not really blogged skins before. I will list the skin that I’m wearing, but aside from that….its not something I’ve really done. PGP specifically asked that we blog the skins a certain way and this, too, is something I don’t usually do. So this is my first attempt. I will say this, it doesn’t seem to matter which body or head you have, even if you’re still fully system (please update yourself!), there’s something for everyone at the Skin Fair….cosmetics, eyelashes, eyes, skins, shapes, heads, and even tattoos!

I wore my own shape, as I’m very particular about my shape and rarely ever buy them. My current shape was a compilation of ideas between my friend Sora and I. I’ve told her she should make shapes, but I’m not sure she really has the time. So, scroll on down and have a looksie at all the goodies I have to show you.♥

Hi There, Wanna Talk About the Skin Fair

wearing above:
hair:  Magika – Marble Machine
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Aurealis. Deidra skin (*new* @ SKIN FAIR)
::SG:: Sophia stileto BENTO MESH NAILS (*new* @ SKIN FAIR)
[POUT!] Pretty Lashes – CATWA applier (*new* @ SKIN FAIR)
UC_April_Harness_and_vest (*new* @ Whore Couture)

all poses by Foxcity (none were edited, I just forgot which ones I used, sorry)

wearing below:
hair in face pics: .Entwined. Kira
hair in body pics: tram H0219 hair  (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Aurealis. Deidra skin (*new* @ SKIN FAIR)
Aurealis Catwa
Aurealis Body

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I’m not sure who put it in my head, but somewhere along this journey of life someone shared a New Year’s superstition. Supposedly whatever you are doing/feeling when the clock strikes Midnight, is what you’ll do or feel the most throughout the next year. Like most superstitions, I don’t put a lot of weight in them. However, they can be fun. Last year, I think I was either in bed or anxiously waiting for the clock so I could go to bed. So, I was tired at midnight and wouldn’t you believe I’ve been very tired for the most of 2017. I plan on being plenty drunk tonight on Ciroc Berry with Cranberry RedBull. I call it a DoorJammer, because I tend to get very familiar with the door jams. *giggles* So, I can hardly wait to see what midnight will predict for me. I’d love to hear what it predicts for you, so please come back and tell me all about it. Until then, Happy New Year….see you in 2018♥


hair: .Entwined. Becky
head: CATWA HEAD Lilly
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: DeeTaleZ  “Merrylu” Nordic
[MANDALA]KAHUKUIHUKU Necklace (*new* @ Uber)
{le fil casse} Maylee Collection Dress RARE (*new* @ LootBox)
erratic / eva – knee socks plain
JIAN Love Pugs 5. Sleepy Family

pose: Foxcity Sits Vol2

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Fleurie – Hurricane

I can feel your heart hanging in the air
I’m counting every step as you climb the stairs
It’s buried in your bones, I see it in your closed eyes
Turning in, this is harder than we know
We hold it in the most when we’re wearing thin

Comin’ like a hurricane, I take it in real slow
The world is spinning like a weather vane
Fragile and composed
Though I am breaking down again
I am aching now to let you in

Seven times it came when you were not awake
Seven times the flame, too much to take
The sky burns red against your skin
The world we know turns in the wind

Comin’ like a hurricane, I take it in real slow
The world is spinning like a weather vane
Fragile and composed
Though I am breaking down again
I am aching now to let you in

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Be True to You

“You got to be true
True to yourself
Or you’ll be a fool
To somebody else”
-Yelawolf – “True to Yourself” ft. Bones Owens

I’m just quoting the song today. I’m not going to feed you all the lyrics, because this is not really a song post. Though I do love the newest from Yelawolf, I want to talk about being true to yourself. No matter how old you are, its important to be true to yourself and who you are…who you want to be…what you want from your life. It might be too late for some things, but its never too late for everything. The younger you are the fewer excuses you should have…look at people that move to another country with hardly any money to their names and make something of themselves without help from the government. If they can do, so can you! Seriously, no matter what your passion is, never stop. If you love to paint, then paint. If you can’t afford classes, its okay, paint anyway. Paint because you love it, not because you’re a professional. If you love to sing, but no one wants to hear you sing? That’s ok, sing in your car, your shower, sing your heart out. No one can stop you from that. If you can improve upon your passion, then do it. Be the best at whatever you love as you can. I urge those in their 20s to please listen and don’t let you life get away from you. You think there’s plenty of time, but I promise you that time will escape you and before you know it, you’ll be 40 and wondering what happened to your dreams. Be your own best friend and push yourself forward. Be true to you!

Be You

hair: Nutmeg & Entwined. Cameron (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: #PUMEC – XENA – Dead March – CATWA SKIN App.
nose piercing: –SU!– Piercing Set 05 Bridge (Catwa Tala)
lip piercing: –SU!– Piercing Set 05 Snakebites (Catwa Tala)
BUENO-Phone-Sugar Love Potion (*new* @ Kustom9)
**RE** Luxy Rings Set
Scandalize. Alura. SWEATSHIRT. Maitreya (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
Scandalize. Alura. PANT. Maitreya (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
E-Clipse Hype Boots Black

pose by Bauhaus Movement
*PROMAGIC* Vivo BAckgrounds-5
*katat0nik* (green) Spray Paint Set – Street Artist
*katat0nik* (purple) Spray Paint Set – Street Artist


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My best friend is the man who in wishing me well wishes it for my sake. Aristotle
wishesFriends of mine, and even associates, will often find me wishing them a day filled with love and laughter on special days. I’ve had some accuse me of insincerity and generic statements. I find it sad that their hearts are so filled with cynicism that they could question something so seemingly innocent. I assure you that I mean it each and every time I say it. A day filled with love and laughter is a good day. Don’t we all deserve a good day? Especially on special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, and celebrations of any kind.
I wish everyone days upon days filled with love and laughter. I wish the world a positive loving attitude. I wish the world, including myself, love. I wish…
wishes-2 I wish you all happy shopping and exploring…see all the awesome details before and in the meantime…don’t look a wish in the face with doubt. Take that wish and embrace it…lets see if together we can make those wishes come true. ♥

hair: .Entwined. Alison
:Diamante: Disengaged Plugs Piercing
.5 [ kunst ] – Spike Labret
Foxes – LuxeBox August – Party gift – Headphones ❤
[atooly] mia spiked hoops
ieQED guardian.set.necklace.back & gold
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Prodigy Ink–7P-Paradise Tattoo
Kibitz – Rosie rings – gold (*new* @You.Gacha)
~ChicModa~ Andrea PATTERN
#EMPIRE– Azalea

poses by Del May

location: Elysium City of Templemore

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Angels in Second Life

We’re all seeing a lot of pictures of avatars wearing wings, as they seem to be very popular in gacha machines and in Second Life in general. I can’t help but giggle a bit at the mention of angels in SL, because my close friends and I are always joking about how angelic we are….we’re sooo NOT, well, not really. However, on that note, I will put it on official blogging record that my closest friends are indeed the angels I turn to when I feel broken and battered by life. These same amazing friends are also the ones I run to with my good news and celebrations. I find happiness in their joy and I find pride in their successes. I believe they feel the same way. I am so very fortunate to have such an amazing network of friends. They know who they are and I just want them to know they’re worth more than their weight in gold to me. I shall treasure each of you eternally.

I bet that if you look around, you’re surrounded by a few angels yourself. I sure hope you all are, because there’s no greater feeling than knowing you’ve got amazing people in your corner. ❤

golden angel

CATWA HEAD Candy-[theSkinnery] Sonya (Catwa Skin Applier) honey
IKON Triumph Eyes – Glass
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
hair: .Entwined. Hannah (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)
Blueberry – Oakley – Rare – Gold Wings (*new* @ Epiphany)
Foxes – Feeling Myself – Body Suit – Lara – black/gold RARE (*new* @ The Gacha Garden)
Foxes – Feeling Myself – Head Phones – black/gold RARE
**RealEvil** Precious Nails & Rings – Square
#EMPIRE – Columbine *GROUP GIFT* (silver & gold exclusive color options♥)

pose: Le Poppycock *Upon a Winter’s Night* Smiling Silverly