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Drunk on Christmas…just like Grace!

This song made think of my friend, Grace….she jokes about drinking in order to put up with her family. Now let’s hope she doesn’t kill me for this…LOL

Christmas is a time, a special time of year
With peace and joy and happiness and, wonderment and cheer
Opening your presents underneath the tree
And spending countless hours with your family

That’s why I’m drinking drinking drinking
I’m gonna drink all day
I’m coming home for Christmas and my family’s insane
Just got to make it through the day
And there’s no other way
I’m gonna get drunk, drunk, drunk on Christmas

Drunk on Christmas...just like Grace!

hair: Tableau Vivant // Puffy hair @ Uber
head: LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.5
body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.3)
skin: — PUMEC – JADWIGA @ Kustom9

.::Supernatural::. Kinsley Necklace @ Tannenbaum
SPIRIT – Widow top @ Uber
SPIRIT – Widow skirt @ Uber

[Fetch] Holiday Treats – Vodka RARE @ Arcade

pose: Lyrium. Elise Static & Breathing + Fingers Series @ Dubai

hive // modern farmhouse kitchen

DISORDERLY. / Bundt Xmas / Candycane @ Tannenbaum

[Cinoe] Mannish Danishes @ Arcade

Wednesday[+] ~ December Magic ~ Letters – COMMON @ Arcade
Wednesday[+] ~ December Magic ~ Herborist Book – COMMON @ Arcade
Wednesday[+] ~ December Magic ~ Coffee – COMMON @ Arcade
Wednesday[+] ~ December Magic ~ Wooden Doll – COMMON @ Arcade

Fancy Decor: Satie Coffee Machine
Fancy Decor: Satie Milk Frother
Fancy Decor: Satie Cream & Sugar
Fancy Decor: Satie Coffee Pods

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I still haven’t slept.

I need to sleep, but its 4 am and I still haven’t slept. I’m so envious of people that can just lie down and decide to sleep. It seems that body is against me, no matter how many times I try to outsmart it. So, I’m up and sitting here trying to think of something to write about. Instead, all I can think about is sleeping and how many hours I have before I have to get up for an appointment. I wish I could just crawl into this scene and lie on that bed, listen to the waves rolling in, and forget everything else. Ugh…and I’ve had these sleep issues my entire life…which has been plenty long. I’ve tried everything in regards to my sleeping and all sorts of things work sometimes, but nothing works all the time…except xanax and I’m really trying not use medication to sleep. *sighs*


CONCEPT}  SAL. set @ Arcade
-CONCEPT} 20. SAL. Decos
-CONCEPT} 12. SAL. Short Hang Lamp
-CONCEPT} 14. SAL. Small Lamp
-CONCEPT} 21. SAL. Grey pot
-CONCEPT} 06. SAL. Couple of Rugs
-CONCEPT} 09. SAL. Blue pot

Elm. Clarissa Curtains @ FaMESHed

JIAN Beach Party Pointers 17. Adult Swimsuit Chair
JIAN Beach Party Pointers 10. Shark Wander Pup
JIAN Beach Party Pointers 9. Crab Wander Pup

Serenity Style– Deep Ocean @ TLC
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Rudder
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Ladder
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Bottle 2
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Wooden Flip Flops
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Shell Bucket
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Lifeguard
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Bottle 1
-Serenity Style- Deep Ocean Stool

Soy. A Cliff [Middle] for small use

..::THOR::.. Seaside Bar Set  @ TLC
-..::THOR::.. Decorative Helm
-..::THOR::.. Nautical candle
-..::THOR::.. Seaside Stool 2
-..::THOR::.. Seaside Stool 1
-..::THOR::.. Seaside Surf Table

[cinoe] Exotic sailor’s house @ TLC