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Here I Am

I say it all the time, “I’m not perfect.” I’d had to think what it would be like to be perfect. Thank goodness perfection is impossible, because as Dita Von Teese says, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” Imagine the bulls-eye that would be on your back if the world perceived you as perfect. Here’s the thing though, each of us is actually perfect in our own way. It is our unique qualities that make us who we are and it took every step of our lives to be who we are today. The person we are today, this moment in time, is exactly who we are supposed to be.
It may not always seem like it, because perhaps we had bigger dreams once upon a time. I know I did. None of the shit that’s happened to me along the way was ever part of my plan…with a few rare exceptions and even those didn’t end how I hoped they would. I apologize for mistakes I’ve made that hurt others, but I am not ashamed of who I once was or who I am today. I refuse to filled with shame. I have enough demons running about my head without adding shame. The longer we live, the more mistakes we make, the more people we meet. The more people we know, the more people will love us and the more people will hate us. We cannot control others, we can only control ourselves.
Today, I’m saying, “Here I am,” take it or leave it. Love me or leave me, the choice is yours. I can no longer worry about the players and haters, my plate is too full to take on all of that. I’m going to work on keeping my side of the street clean, my yard kept, and my life. If your plate is so empty that you feel the need to take on the problems and judgments of others, I’d like to suggest you put that energy into helping someone less fortunate rather than wasting all that precious energy on negativity. In the end, the only thing that will really make you feel better is doing the right thing.

the red elf
I’m unashamed of my mistakes 
I walked the path I had to take 
It’s made me who I am today 

hair: Navy+Copper – Mousse (*new* @ Vanity)
hairbase: Just Magnetized – Special Hairbase set 05 for CATWA
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
ears: .:E.A:.Studio BOX Ears Dairon (*new* @ Vanity)
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair – Viktoria Applier
tattoo: DAPPA – Devour Tattoo. (*new* @ Vanity)
[BODY FACTORY] – Blade Sword (Red)
**RE** Jade Harness (*new* @ FaMESHed)
ChicModa // Isabella Slip Dress (*new* @ FaMESHed)
Eudora3D Wanda Stillettos&Stockings  (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose: Bauhaus Movement – Let The Beat Drop  (*new* @ The Liaison Collaborative)
location: The Apothecary

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“Memories of shadow’s haunt me,
From the years when I was young,
Things that used to terrify me,
Are the things, That I’ve become”
~Yelawolf’s Shadows ft Joshua Hedley


This song was released in perfect time for the Halloween holiday and as haunting as the music is, the lyrics are equally haunting. They inspired me to stop and just think about how many things I said I’d never be, yet here I am those very things. Kinda makes me wonder if the reason things that used to terrify me where sort of an intuitive look at my future and my mortality. Although, I cannot remember a time that I was afraid to die. I’m not a thrill seeker, mind you. I’ve just simply never been afraid to die, which to some seems particularly strange because I am not the least bit religious.

Anyway, its a great song and I hope you’ll give it a listen. Perhaps you can listen as you wander about the Bloody Horror Fair, because if there’s any event out there to get you in the mood for Halloween and all things deliciously dark…this is the one! I found myself wandering about there late last night. I stumbled across this super comfy hoodie from Annex that is very similar to one I had in RL years ago.
As always there are multiple events going on across the grid and this shopping junkie tries her best to find her way through them all!

/Wasabi Pills/ Dakota Mesh Hair
CATWA Mesh Eyes
Glam Affair – Pia Applier ( Catwa / Tumble ) America 02
Izzie’s – Catwa Dark Metallic Eyeshadows Appliers
.:E.A.Studio:. Piercing Bare Code Silver
[BODY FACTORY] LX Necklace (Black)
The Annex – Raven Hoodie – Skeleton (*new* @ Bloody Horror Fair)
**RE** Bad-Kitty Gloves Pack 2 – RARE
:::insanya::: Ripped Leggings HC
Pure Poison – Raysa Boots   (*new* @ Uber)

poses by Bauhaus Movement
location: Whole Wheat

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Love Spills

“Love spills and it looks so pretty.
Seeps through my love, my city.
Love kills,
But in my mind still.
You can’t beat that spark, that thrill…”
~Radkey’s Love Spills

 I don’t know if that song is what Poe Cross had in mind when he created the Love Spills prop, but it immediately reminded me of that song and I love it! I honestly love the lyrics to that song, because unlike a lot of songs these days…well, it reads like poetry. I’d recommend giving it a listen and also go read the lyrics without the music, because they are pretty powerful. That’s assuming you like poetry as much as I do. If not, enjoy the song, because it rocks.

Love Spills

I don’t have any deep insightful thoughts to share on the topic, because for me music and lyrics can be pretty personal. What I get from them might not be what you get and I honestly don’t want to influence whatever you get from it. In the same sense that I heard an artist say that he doesn’t put the lyrics with his CDs, because he had someone come up and tell him how much  one of his songs meant to her. She went on to tell him how deeply it had impacted her life. When she quoted a specific line back to him, he realized that she had heard the lyrics all wrong. She wasn’t even close, but he loved that she had found something in the song that he never intended. I think that artist was Seal, but I’m not going to dig around for the whole story just to prove a point.

I will, however, tell you a little bit about the scene in this photo. The backdrop and the Love Spills prop are part of The Epiphany gacha set that Industry7 has created, which is closing pretty soon, so make sure you get over there before it does.  Those red tubes are actually a vibrant blue, but I modified them to red for this photo. I ran the bench though the wall cuz I wanted something a bit different for the photo, but it actually seats four people, two on each side and has really awesome animated poses in it. I used the metal version, but it comes with a wooden version as well and is available at TLC (link below).

hair:Exile:: If Your Wild
LUXE. Triangles Necklace Black
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Prodigy Ink-7P-CyberPunk Tattoo
*MUKA* Spike Bracers
**{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – MAITREYA – Rings-2 BLACK
[BODY FACTORY] Gladiator Pauldrons (Dark)
Asteria – Willow Bustier – Black
Asteria – Willow Open Side Leather Short – Black
Elegance Boutique -Leg Corset -Liz – Black
Glamistry – LANTANA Ankleboots

industy7: _i7_urban studio_wave o’ the future set (The Epiphany)
industy7: i7_i’m a star_bench_ metal (The Liaison Collaborative) Aug 7-30
industy7: _i7_urban studio_love spills prop (The Epiphany)

pose by Body Language