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We Have Our Ways

I use my blog to work things out on paper sometimes. I’ll write about stuff I’m going through or stuff that I’ve watched friends go through. Sometimes I talk about how much I dislike people, but the truth is….people fascinate me. They also scare the shit outta me, because in the past I’ve let people get too close too fast and it has rarely worked out. These days, my trust issues are the size of full blown subscriptions and prevent that from happening too often these days, but even the slow grown friends have been known to burn me on occasion.
Now, with all that said, I’d like to say that I do have an amazing group of good friends that will not burn me. Nor I them. I’ve had issues with three of them and like grown ass adults, we worked through it every time. We’re not perfect, but we have our ways of understanding what matters at the end of the day. Our love for one another is bigger than the petty shit we tend to get upset about. I am so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, strong souls that love me as much as I love them. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that my best friends are cunts and motherfuckers….*laughs*….yes, that’s what we call each other and ourselves. We’re not families, we like cults, and there’s no getting out! *grins*


hair:  Tableau Vivant // Veep hair @ FaMESHed
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
.:I ProFect I:. Valea Mesh Eyes @ Unik
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

[Eternus] Spring Flutter Tiara @ Salon52
< IDEALIA > TINA Necklace @ Unik
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails – Pinks Medium Glitter @ Belle
Vibing — Destiny Rings — Rose gold

TETRA – Freebird top @ C88
TETRA – Freebird skirt @ C88

pose: Lyrium. Neva Series Walking Poses @ Unik

background is at a friend’s house

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Why do bloggers…

I recently saw a post on Facebook asking, “Why do bloggers apply when their Flickr doesn’t meet the requirements to do so?” The only reason this post even caught my attention is because I was mentioned in one of the comments. I found myself quickly typing a reply that soon turned into quite a paragraph. Thus, I decided to bring both the question and my reply to my own blog. So, here’s my answer.

As a blogger manager, I don’t mind seeing up & coming bloggers apply. They might not make the cut, but if I see that they have potential I will follow them and watch them closely. If they keep on applying, even when they don’t qualify…they are driving their name deeper into my brain. Sadly, there are some that simply do not have what it takes to be a successful blogger. What I don’t like as a blogger manager is being pestered inworld by an applicant that has been rejected.

It’s also important to remember that the purpose of bloggers is to showcase the designer’s creation to as many people as possible….to make those viewers want….neeeed that creation. THAT is the very reason to have bloggers. So that you have a variety of stylists showcasing items in various desirable ways.

just love

hair: Stealthic – Willow @ C88
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

MICHAN – Angela Necklace @ Flourish
(Yummy) Minimalist Rings
alme. Mesh Stiletto Nails -Magical Metallics Collection @ Belle
.:villena:. – Rose Bud Fur Jacket – Blush
BUENO-Late Night Dress @ C88

pose: [InDiGo] Female Close up Poses @ Flourish
Je t’aime Rainbow – Rampage Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Unik

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In Full Bloom

Sometime last year, someone told me that my Flickr was all black and white. I wasn’t quite sure what they meant, but they went on to explain that they meant my color palette. That most of the outfits I chose to blog were black or white. I hadn’t really thought about it that much, but looking at my Flickr through their eyes, I started to understand. The funny thing is…I love color! Lots of colors. Ask me my favorite color and I’ll tell you that it depends on what it’s for. I think I lean towards black and white in SL, because of how I tend to take photos.
Since then, I have been introducing more and more color into my photos, but now with Spring in full Bloom (see what I did there?), you all are about to see a lot more colors in all of my photos. Some of you will probably be wondering what the hell happened to me!?! *giggles* Oh and if you didn’t get the little joke up there, check the credits…you’ll get it. *chuckles*

spring is here

hair: {Limerence} Samanta hair (*new* @ Bloom)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
SU!– Xenira Eyes
-SU!- Xanthe Lip Gloss
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

[Aleutia] Ingrid Earrings (*new* @ Bloom)
BONDI . The Botanist Sunglasses (*new* @ Bloom)
Ama. : Spring Roses Ring Set (*new* @ Bloom)
Cae :: Freya :: Necklace (*new* @ Bloom)
alme. MS Nails Spring Gingham & Satin  (*new* @ Bloom)

EVIE – Plush Me Warm Fur Jacket (*new* @ C88)
[Cosmic Dust] – Carminucci Lace Top White (*new* @ K9)
BUENO-Spring Shorts (*new* @ K9)

pose: GingerFish Poses – Moon in Aries (*new* @ Zodiac)
location:  The Forty Thieves Presents: Lothlorien (will be gone after April 30th)

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It’s no secret that I’m going through a tacky, drawn out divorce in real life. Sometimes I think about dating again. I used to love dating in real life. Oh but things were different then. Now its all about dating apps. Swipe left, swipe right. As I thought about this, it occurred to me how funny it is that we’re supposed to “swipe” anything. I mean the definitions of swipe are hit or try to hit with a swinging blow, steal, a sweeping blow, and now…an act or instance of moving one’s finger across a touchscreen to activate a function. So, are literally trying hit that now? Don’t get me started on a swinging or sweeping blow…THAT’s now how you blow….ooh, they mean the other kind of blow. Even still! Well, I refuse. Surely the elderly are getting too arthritic to be swiping all that much. Plus most of those apps are all about the hook up, right? I don’t think too many elderly people are going to be DTF. I guess that’s what senior centers are for, huh? Well, I won’t be going there when I got older either. Guess, I’ll be the crazy old cat lady. #LifeGoals

single af

hair:  #Foxy – Darling Hair (*new* @ K9)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
#Besom Lashes~ BB Lash
SU!– Osanna Eyes (new @ LEVEL)
#ADORED – prizmo shadows – permafrost edition (*new* @ Sultry)
:Lg: – :Mesh Ears: – Uthark (*new* @ Unik)
SU!– Piercing Set 07 Septum & Nose Studs
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

(Yummy) Art Deco Rings (*new* @ C88)
alme. MS Gold Triangle Tip (*new* @ Belle)
[Cynful] Zaidee’s Casual Silky Set (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose: FOXCITY. City Life Bento Pose Set
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – City Life

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Fade Into You

“I want to hold the hand inside you
I want to take the breath that’s true
I look to you and I see nothing
I look to you to see the truth
You live your life, you go in shadows
You’ll come apart and you’ll go black
Some kind of night into your darkness
Colors your eyes with what’s not there
Fade into you
Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it’s strange you never knew
A stranger’s light comes on slowly
A stranger’s heart without a home
You put your hands into your head
And then smiles cover your heart
Fade into you
Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it’s strange you never knew”
~ Mazzy Star – Fade Into You

sweet home alabama

she is wearing:
hair: –FABIA– Mesh Hair < Silvia> (*new* @ Unik)
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia (*new* @ Cupid Inc)
nails: alme. MS Gold Triangle Tip (*new* @ Belle)

(Yummy) Art Deco Rings (*new* @ C88)
[Aleutia] Betty Top & Panties (*new* @ ROMP)

pose: PURPLE POSES – Couple 692

**his hair: Dura-889 (*new* @ TMD)

for information regarding the background see previous post: Nothing Lasts

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Waiting For Paint To Dry

Regardless of whether you’re a DIY or Salon girl, getting your nails done is like waiting for paint to dry. I’m clearly profiling, but in my neck of the woods the best nail shops are run by Asians, mostly Vietnamese or Korean. Y’all know me, I ask questions. I’d rather sound ignorant for asking a question than be ignorant while assuming I know something I don’t. You’d think a salon full of people wouldn’t make you zone out, but when they’re chattering away in their native language and it all just sounds like high pitched noises to you…well, its easy to zone out. Painting your nails at home, you try to get everything situated before you start, because its going to take a while before you can move about freely. You nail polish is unforgiving! This is when I tend to slip down inside myself and get lost in thoughts. If good things are happening in my life, I can revel in my blessings. I can be grateful and wish good things, send love & light to others. It’s like a fairy tale room in my mind. However, if things are messed up or I’m going through a rough time, that’s when my demons come out to play. Its like getting locked in the attic with a room full of creepy dolls, each one whispering a secret in a creepy little doll voice.

Waiting For Paint to Dry

hair:  [RA] Alana Hair (*new* @ ShinyShabby)
hairbase: Just Magnetized – Special Hairbase set 05 for CATWA Skin Fair (*new* @ SKIN FAIR)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
eyes: CURELESS[+] Dilated Eyes
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: [theSkinnery]  Iris (Catwa Applier) toffee (*new* @ C88)
eyeshadow:  Wednesday[+] ~ Glitter Circles
nail polish: alme. Love Ombre – Matte (*new* @ TresChic)

top tattoo: Ambition – Black Tattoo [CAROL G] Maitreya ADD (*new* @ SKIN FAIR)
bottom tattoo: .:AuricA:. Molly Leg Tattoo (*new* @ SKIN FAIR)

[CX] Hell’s Harbinger (Black Out)
Legal Insanity – Lily black tops (*new* @ TresChic)
:::insanya::: JennaShorts – Solid (*new* @ Whore Couture)

pose: FOXCITY. B A D Bento Pose Set (*new* @ Limit8)
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – B A D (Black Tintable) (*new* @ Limit8)

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Artistic Influences

Today’s post is the answer to another question posed by Troy Nelson in response to my blog, “Dangerous Propositon.” He asked, “Who are your artistic influences?” Well, this question has me stumped, because I can’t cite any really. I just do my own thing. Sometimes I’m inspired by a song. Sometimes and outfit or accessory or even an item of decor just sparks my imagination and I’m off. Actually, there are a few SL photographers that inspire me to try something different. I doubt seriously if you’ll recognize most of their influence in my work, but a few will be pretty apparent. So, in saying that, I’m going to list a few names and each name with provide you with a direct link to their flickr account. Sabbian Paine, Ados Oldrich, Wendz Tempest, Rina Edenflower, Grace Sixpence, Kess Crystal, Brandon TaselianLoverdag, and so many others that I could fill a page listing them all. These are artists that I not only admire, but that inspire me to try new techniques. So, I guess I stand corrected, I can cite a few…*laughs* I just needed to really think about it for a minute.
I’m still open to topics and questions, so by all means feel free to leave comments. I promise that I do read them all. ♥

its cool

hair:  :::Phoenix::: Charlotte Hair  (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
eyeshadow: Izzie‘s – Festive Shimmer Eye Make-Up (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
nail polish: alme. Snowy Winter (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
[Cynful] Candela’s Fur Vest  (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
_CandyDoll_ Anya Top (*new* @ Uber)
_CandyDoll_ Anya Pants (*new* @ Uber)
Phedora / Darcy Boots V2 (*new* @ Tannenbaum)

pose: –CHKI0 Poses–listen to that melody Pack
———comes with phone & headphones

.gypsy heart. Festive Backdrops – The Cabin (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Ariskea[Neige] Nord Pole Post Red (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
O.M.E.N – Christmas Morning – Sleds – Wood (*new* @ Tannenbaum)

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Am I Dreaming?

Have things ever been going so well in your life that you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. So many wonderful things are happening around me, I’m starting to wonder what fatal diagnosis the doctors are going to deliver when I finally get in to the see them on May 2nd. I’ve been in a wonderful SL relationship for over four months, and let’s face it…THAT is a pretty huge deal, especially for me. My blogging is going well. I’m working with stores I would never have imagined possible a year ago. I have three of the absolute best girl friends anyone could ask for and they’ve been there with me, through thick and thin, for almost two years now. Again, THAT is huge in Second Life…that four women (five if you count the ever absent Ava, who is off living a wonderful RL and good for her)…that four women could continuously be there without stabbing each other in the back in a virtual world for that long…yeah, miracle in itself. Now, I’m working with some of the most incredible minds on the grid as I take on more responsibilities…like yeah, they trust little squirrel chasing me!!!
I promise I’m not bragging, but if you’ve read my blog over the last year…well, you have to know that its not been an easy road. Yes, I think its about time good things started to happen, but wow…the amount of goodness happening…well, to be honest, sometimes I have to pinch myself, because I wonder, “Am I dreaming?”


I even got into Epiphany yesterday morning right after restarts! Let’s face it, that’s not an easy event to get into during its first week being open! So, despite all the other amazing events happening around the grid…I got into Epiphany, too! In today’s pictures I’m showing you the In The Clouds collection from unKindness that’s at Epiphany, along with the gorgeous little gorgeous little RainyDay dress from DeadDollz, along with some of my latest finds at Bloom! Sooo much goodness to be had…my cup runneth over and I am so grateful.

dreaming close up

hair: [DUE] Ami  (*new* @ Bloom)
head: CATWA HEAD Kathy
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

(r)M ~ Posture Collar ~ No.02
(Yummy) Cleopatra Nose Ring
Astralia – Compatible mesh nails system (Vista/Slink) PACK 2
nail polish: alme.   Spring Stripes – HUD (*new* @ Bloom)
Astralia – Spring Bloom ADD-ON (*new* @ Bloom)
.::Dead Dollz::. RainyDay Dress (*new* @ The Liaision Collaborative)

uK – In the Clouds Floating Swing (*new* @ Epiphany)
uK – In the Clouds Pixie Dust (*new* @ Epiphany)
uK – In the Clouds Fairy Fog (*new* @ Epiphany)
uK – In the Clouds You are Dreaming RARE (*new* @ Epiphany)
uk – In the Clouds Ancient Stage (*new* @ Epiphany)
uK – In the Clouds Hanging Bridge (*new* @ Epiphany)
uK – In the Clouds Island Lrg (*new* @ Epiphany)

**the pose is actually one in the swing**