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I feel it everywhere

Oh my God, I feel it in the air Telephone wires above Are sizzlin’ like a snare Honey I’m on fire, I feel it everywhere Nothin’ scares me anymore Kiss me hard before you go Summertime sadness I just wanted you to know That…

Stare out the window

Remember when we were little and rainy days meant being locked in the house? I would stare out the window for hours watching the rain, wishing I could be outside. Now its absolutely beautiful outside and we can’t visit friends. We can go shopping….


This is probably one of my favorite things to say. *laughs* As people are always trying to tell me what I can and cannot do…or what I should or should not do…and to them I say, “Whatever! I do what I want!” And that’s…

Setting the Tone for Spring

One of my favorite memories from my childhood was dressing up for Easter with my mom and posing for a picture. We quit doing it after my father admitted that he was an atheist and I began to question the teachings of the church….

Taking It Easy

It’s kinda funny that my left arm is rather limp in this photo, because last night my dog nearly ripped my left arm out of the socket. She got so excited when she saw a man and his two kids walking across the yard….

Pussycat, Pussycat

Pussycat, Pussycat I’ve got flowers And lots of hours To spend with you So go and powder your cute little pussycat nose! Pussycat, Pussycat I love you Yes, I do! You and your pussycat nose! ~ Tom Jones – What’s New Pussycat? wearing: hair:…

Inside and Out

So, I wanted to make a complete scene, inside and outside, because these items just kinda flowed together…at least in my mind. Below each picture there’s a set of credits that pertain specifically to that photo. I don’t know if I’ll do this again,…