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End of the Hall

I love decorating hallways. Even in real life, my short little humble hallway has art on the walls, a mirror, and a standing jewelry box. Luckily for me, in Second Life, I’m allowed spacious hallways with plenty of nooks to decorate at every turn. As I create a new home for Chris and myself, I’m super excited to have this cozy little set up at the end of the hall right outside our bedroom. It’s magical and blessed, just like us.

mudhoney crate mithral

Mithral * Arrowhead Plant (White Pot)
Mithral * Philodendron Plowmanii (Concrete Pot)
Mithral * Vases + Books (Clay Set)

crate Awakening @ Epiphany
crate Awakening 11 Vintage Palmistry Hand
crate Awakening 1 Rustic Pentacle RARE
crate Awakening 13 Bee Crystal Grid
crate Awakening 10 Urn Planter
crate Awakening 2 Crystal Bowl Adventurine
crate Awakening 6 Crystal Cluster Smaragd

MudHoney Talia Pillows
MudHoney Talia Bench – Lt Blue
MudHoney Talia Books
MudHoney Talia Pouf – Mandala

Echo – Avery – Side Table

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