Tiny Marshmallows

I’m gonna end up on the news one day for something truly stupid. I’m sitting here at 2am roasting mini marshmallows with a cigarette lighter…one tiny marshmallow at a time. They are mighty tasty, but I just know that I’m going to burn myself or drop one while its lit. God, forbid my mother wake up smelling burning marshmallows, she’s liable to think she’s having a stroke. *laughs* As stupid as I know this is, I can’t stop. I mean, I will, cuz I only gave myself an actual serving of these little pieces of fluffy goodness, which is 2/3 cups. So, there’s less than 2 dozen of them left. If I do this again, I might use a fork…I might. I know, I’m a freak…I’ve heard it before. *goes back to her marshmallows*

nutmeg bedroom

Nutmeg. Countryside Dream  @ Shiny Shabby
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Bed Pastels&White
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Canopy Pastels
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Rug
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Books w/Spruce Branch
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Spruce Branch
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Stool / 1
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Wooden Chest
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Tray
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Painting
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Wooden Candlestick / 2
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Wooden Candlestick / 1
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Preserves
-Nutmeg. Countryside Dream Knitting

Nutmeg. Sneakers Worn Black

Ariskea[Malyn] Ficus Elastica hanging Plant

{vespertine} hanging succulents. – string of pearls.,
{vespertine} hanging succulents. – sedum burrito.

WIB – Quad Mesh Canvas – POP

MudHoney Liza Bra
MudHoney Liza Panties
MudHoney Liza Adult Toy Box


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