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Some days from start to finish are just bad. I suppose I’d prefer all the bad to happen in one day to get it over with, but when the bad is sprinkled throughout all my days and ends up being the icing on a good day? Well, its like someone shitting on the last piece of cake. I swear to god, nothing ruins a good day worse than that one bad thing that just crushes my heart right at the end of the day when you were looking forward to something good!
Like looking forward to spending time with someone all day just so they can leave you hanging to go talk to an ex? Ugh! It’s the worst, right? Of course, its not really the worst, but at the moment it’s happening, it feels like a punch in the gut. Or looking forward to having those leftovers from last night when you get home, only to discover someone threw them out. They didn’t even eat them, they just wasted them by throwing them away! UGH! Your mouth was all set for that…NOW what are you gonna eat? Nothing is going to be as good as what you were craving all day long. Nothing.
So, do we go to bed with the bitterness of the bad day still in our mouths? We shouldn’t, cuz imagine how bad that’s gonna taste when we wake up? That cat better watch out, cuz someone is going to suspect it of shitting in their mouth! So, how do we fix it? How do we freshen our mental breath?
We could act out. We could do something reckless that will feel fully justified at the time, but will fill us with regret later. We could sit and cry about it, but does that really change anything? I mean, sometimes it helps a little, but its not going to change how we feel. The truth is, the only real thing to do is to change our minds. Maybe that crappy thing happened for a reason. We may never even know the reason, but we can change our perception and accept that it has happened for a reason. Maybe its a red flag trying to get our attention. Maybe we needed to make a better choice and this tiny bit of intervention was just the thing we needed to really think about our decision.
If none of that works, then a glass of wine, a shot of whiskey, smoking a bowl/joint/blunt, or even popping a xanax/valium/klonopin can helps us relax enough to chill out. Cuz really, if its a small thing like one of the things I mentioned above? Isn’t that kind of petty when it comes to the big picture?
We just gotta get over our expectations and accept that some times things aren’t going to go exactly as we hoped. It doesn’t mean the world is over….and who knows, we might just get a blessing soon that surpasses that pesky crap that we gave the power to ruin our day. Yeah, bottom line? We give that crap the power it has…take that power away…step outside ourselves to see things with a different perspective and suddenly it doesn’t feel quite so deep.

vinyl dress uber

head: Catwa Catya
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

DOUX – Selena hairstyle
VINYL – Mabel Lace Dress @ Uber

pose: FOXCITY. Carefree Bento Pose Set

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