Happy Birthday, SL!

It was a Friday night. I had completed my first two weeks at my new job. I had just come home from a poetry reading and had gotten on MySpace to see if any of my poet friends from New England were online. They weren’t. It was Friday night, afterall. The date was November 17, 2006. There I was, full of energy, late on a Friday night…what was the name of that game that Jenny told me about? Something Life….”it’s like the Sims,” she said. Every single day for the past two weeks, they’d spoke on the phone while stuck in the rush hour traffic. Oooh, Second Life! That’s right! I created my first account and my life has never been the same.
Second Life is turning 16 yrs old and has been part of my life for the past 12 1/2 years. I’ve watched as flexi was introduced, then sculpties, and so on. Never could I have imagined we would be here now. This year’s celebration is unlike any that I have seen in the past years. I won’t pretend to know jack shit about it, but I will point you in a good direction to find out more from someone that does.
Please have a look at Kess Crystal’s post: Happy Birthday Second Life! She is far more informed than I, plus she has links to all the good stuff.
Thank YOU for being part of my journey…and a special thanks to all the creators that have donated amazing gifts like the sign and cakes featured here. I do hope you’ll explore the gazillion displays and get into the birthday spirit this weekend.

Happy Birthday SL

Dahlia – Hanna – Birthday Cakes @ SLB16

Dahlia – Lazy Days – Double Chocolate Cupcake Cloche – VIP
Dahlia – Lazy Days – Double Chocolate Cupcakes – EXCLUSIVE

hive // celebration balloons

Silence. – SL16B Gift

DISORDERLY. / Confetti Party / Gold Confetti

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