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The cat is in the bag…

I haven’t blogged a lot of kitchens, because I find them the most challenging. Oddly enough, when decorating for myself, I spend a lot of time on my kitchens. They get a fat prim allowance and lots of detail. With that sad, most kitchens are scripted in one way or another, though I have rarely used those scripts. So, one of the big pluses about this kitchen from unKindness (minus the island which is Consignment) is that once you get them in place, where you want them to park, you can link the pieces together and reduce the land impact. This is especially helpful if you’re trying to decorate a Linden Home or you don’t have a ton of prims available. Besides, we all know that the devil is in the details, fortunately all these sinful treats are calorie free and your avatar won’t gain a pound no matter how many times you lick the screen. Between Dahlia and dust bunny, I was able to pretty much cover the counters in all sorts of tempting treats. I like to imagine this is how a bed & breakfast kitchen would look, but I’ve never been to on to honestly know.
As for the title? Well, c’mon, its catchy word play that goes with one of the cats in the photo. Okay, I suppose that was a bit of click bait, but if you’re here it worked. I just hope you feel it was worth the click. *grins*

uk kit

uk – Ade’s Kitchen Sets @ Uber

uK – Holy Cannoli Strawberry @ Whimsical until June 12
uK – Holy Cannoli Raspberry/Vanilla

[Con.] Catia Kitchen – Island

Apple Fall Apples w/ Ornamental Stand – Ceramic
Apple Fall Ornamental Elephant – Silver

Ariskea[Malyn] Ficus Elastica hanging Plant
Ariskea[Folia] Flower paper bag [simple]

Dahlia – Lemon Print – Gift @ Final Winter
Dahlia – Highgarden – Forks & Lemons Clutter @ Final Winter
Dahlia – Highgarden – Lemon Cake @ Final Winter
Dahlia – Highgarden – Lemon Cakes on Platter @ Final Winter

Dahlia – Gokotta @ Arcade
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Waffles – RARE 1
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Flower Arrangement 3
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Menu Stand – 12
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Mimosas 13
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Mimosa Glass 13(REZ)
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Croissants 14
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Doughnut Scales 15
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Bruleed Eggs 16
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Bon Bons – Strawberry – Spilled 19
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Lantern – Closed – 22
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Berry Bowl – Cream 24
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Cappuccino – Cream 27
-Dahlia – Gokotta – Crepes 28

Dahlia – Joanna’s – Macaroon Box

Dahlia – Grand Opulence – Stacked Plates

dust bunny . strawberry season @ FaMESHed
-dust bunny . strawberry season . bowl of berries
-dust bunny . strawberry season . strawberry plant
-dust bunny . strawberry season . cake

dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter

dust bunny . pasta love
-dust bunny . pasta love . spaghetti & meatballs pot
-dust bunny . pasta love . ravioli
-dust bunny . pasta love . spaghetti & meatballs bowl
-dust bunny . pasta love . making pasta board
-dust bunny . pasta love . pasta machine
-dust bunny . pasta love . grocery basket

KraftWork 2018 Calendar . Fameshed November Gift

Serenity Style– Jacob’s Bunch of dishes

*Tentacio* My life with a cat gacha
-good morning
-help me

tres blah– Hodgepodge – Dirty Dishes

Mithral * Hanging Propagation Set (Light Wood)

Zaara : Dried chillies RARE

[Brixley] Chocolate = Happiness
[Brixley] Chocolate is the Answer

[LJ] Alpha Soupy – Oops!


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