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A Lot of Bloom-ing Stuff!

“Take a trip into my garden
I’ve got so much to show ya
The fountains and the waters
Are begging just to know ya”
~ Troye Sivan – Bloom

This post is packed with goodness from Bloom by Prism Events, as well as some goodies from other events. This is my second favorite time of the year, because everything is all shiny and new. Life is stepping out from behinds its cold shadows and showing colors…lots and lots of color.

big bloom post

crate Sunlit Set – Blogger Box (*new* @ Bloom)
-1 – crate Sunlit Set – Row Boat Pond RARE
-3 – crate Sunlit Set – Rainboot Decor Dots
-4 – crate Sunlit Set – Jug Plant
-6 -crate Sunlit Set – Stool Yellow
-7 – crate Sunlit Set – Stool Blue
-8 – crate Sunlit Set – Clock
-9 – crate Sunlit Set – Flask Plant
-10 – crate Sunlit Set – Crate Table
-11 – crate Sunlit Set – Hugs & kisses Ladder

Serenity Style The Gardener Corner (*new* @ Bloom)
-Serenity Style- The Gardener Corner DECORATED SHEETS
-Serenity Style- The Gardener Corner MESS DRAWER
-Serenity Style- The Gardener Corner PLANT
-Serenity Style- The Gardener Corner BUNCH OF POTS
-Serenity Style- The Gardener Corner COMPOST BAGS

Dahlia – The Secret Garden Collection (*new* @ Soiree)
-Dahlia – The Secret Garden – Dress Form with Stand
-Dahlia – The Secret Garden – Birdhouse – White

MudHoney Kai Chair (*new* @ Bloom)

SAYO – Blues & Blooms Decor (*new* @ Bloom)
-SAYO – Driftwood Console Table
-SAYO – Succulents & Scents Cluster
-SAYO – Botany Books & Frames Cluster
-SAYO – Iris Lamp
-SAYO – Sea & Sands Arched Rug

:::ChicChica::: Rainbow Cake White DECO (*new* @ Bloom)

..::THOR::.. New Industrial Set @TMD until March 31st
-..::THOR::.. DIY Small Bicycle @TMD until March 31st
-..::THOR::.. Metal Wall Lamp

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