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What Does the Fox Say?

Oh, y’all thought that was over, huh? You thought you wouldn’t hear that song again for a loooooong time, huh? Or maybe you hoped you wouldn’t….but its damn sure stuck in your head now, isn’t it? You’re welcome and you can blame Jian as much as me, cuz they made these adorable little foxes. Annnnd, well……I just had to let out my inner prankster, because its 1am and  I accidentally took a 2hr nap a few hours ago.

what does the fox say

scene created in DaD “Byron Ruined Tower”

JIAN Gray Fox Collection (*new* @ FaMESHed)
JIAN Blackberry Bush Collection

***If you are reading this on any site that suggests this post was originally published anywhere but SadyStyle by anyone other than Sadystika Sabretooth, you are reading a stolen post.

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