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Uncomfortably Numb

If you are in Second Life and have any type of social media page associated with your avatar’s name, chances are that you’ve read about one designer stealing from another or just selling things illegally. A few months ago, I was crushed when I found out that one of my favorite home & garden stores had been uploading template meshes from external websites and passing them off as her own. I knew something had changed from earlier years, as her poses were no longer lined up. They were clearly tossed in haphazardly and little concern was given to customers that might actually put those animations to use. My immediate reaction was to delete every item in my inventory that I had ever purchased from her. I felt so betrayed. Not only because of all the money I’d spent with her, but because I had spoken with her on several occasions. Each and every time I spoke with her, I would tell her how much I admired her work. Turned out not to be her work at all. Now, in this particular case, she came forward, admitted her wrongs, and subsequently seemed to disappear from all events. Her store is still open, but its been redone completely. I haven’t bothered to check what’s left of her “designs,” because she lost my trust. I have literally spent hundreds of dollars in her store. I will never see that money again. That’s fine, but so far as I know, she won’t see another dime from me, either.
There have been multiple accusations against a popular hair & skin designer on the grid as well. However, in the past when DMCAs have been properly filed against a designer for theft, Linden Labs has been rather prompt in removing both the offending designer and his/her designs. Eventually, all the finger pointing died down and things seem to be going well for that designer. There seems to be no more finger pointing in that direction.
NOW we are being told that one popular hair designer has been stealing from another for over two years! I am mortified and stunned. Once again, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars in this store. I’m sitting here looking at the 70+ folders of hair I’ve purchased from the accused store and I’m left wondering, “Now what?”
I can’t be the only one sitting her uncomfortably numb to the whole designer theft situation wondering where to go from here. Am I obligated to delete all these hairs that I bought in good faith? I’d love to hear how others are dealing with issues like this.

comfortably numb

hair:  MINA – Hazel  (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: [theSkinnery] Amber

Kibitz – Deluxe earrings
Scandalize.SABRINA. CAT
Vinyl – Hellershanks Sweater Dress (*new* @ Uber)
Vinyl – Winehouse Tartan Skinnys

pose: Bauhaus Movement – NoisebastardZ set

***If you are reading this on any site that suggests this post was originally published anywhere but SadyStyle by anyone other than Sadystika Sabretooth, you are reading a stolen post.


3 thoughts on “Uncomfortably Numb

  1. I have stuff from both designers you’re talking about here and I dunno what to do either. Do I delete them? Do I keep them? I dunno. I just packed it away until I could figure it out. Just wanted to let you know, you’re not alone in figuring out what to do with the stuff bought from these stores. ❤

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  2. To be honest, I will still buy from the furniture designer in question. I don’t feel betrayed by her at all. I feel that she is a symptom…and yes a victim…of a very prejudicial system that has developed in the Second Life economy. There are plenty of amazing designers that make their own textures, but aren’t keen on learning Blendr. I don’t blame them. It sucks. It’s not easy, AND you have to cough up another $60 US for Avistart just to make the thing usable. I understand the desire of event owners to want the best for their customers, but this requirement of original mesh instead of original content has created a “Blendr Boys Club” atmosphere that is flat out prejudicial. As long as the designer isn’t ripping anyone off and uses full perm in the way it was intended, I will continue to support him or her. People sit back and want to know what’s killing SL’s creativity and economy…look no further than “original mesh only”. That’s my .02 at least. No need to feel betrayed by your furniture designer at all…in fact she’s not alone. There are plenty of “original mesh” items showing up at events that are full perm templates. If you like the item, buy it. As for copy bots and thieves, I agree with you totally. Trash their items and leave them to the mercy of the Lab.

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    1. Sadly, the decor designer we’re talking about did break the TOS of the site she got her items from, as well as the TOS of LL, not to mention that event owners have the right to set the standards anyway they like, thus insisting that everything be LEGAL is hardly creating some sort of limited club, not to mention if you are not creating original content, fine. I agree, templates are fine for some, but don’t lie to get your store into an event. Knowing that certain events set particular standards, I trust that anything I buy at said event is going to meet those standards. So, yes, I feel very betrayed by the designer and will never trust her again. I don’t particular care for templates, because they’re so common and I’m admittedly a bit of an SL snob when it comes to the items I spend my money on. I pass no judgements on template users, I had a store years ago and used them myself. I’ve outgrown them and I think THAT is what happens to a lot of us. We’ve been here so long, we don’t want to see something fresh and new…not regurgitated designs that are simply retextured. I thank you so much for your feedback though. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see. I’d love to see more people discussing this with open minds and the ability to respect different opinions. Thank you again so much for your comment and for reading my blog. ♥♥♥

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