Looking For My Spirit

So, a few months ago, I acquired a homestead and I’ve loved every minute of it. However, as I tackled the idea of landscaping it, I realized that there are plenty of sims with boats in the water, little shacks, forests, water and rocky shores. There are some truly amazing beach sims, as well as several other themes. So, I set out across the grid looking for the kind of sims that I’d like to visit aside from those. I found very few city sims that weren’t RP sims, but I suppose big cities aren’t really known for their scenery, so I kinda get that. Then I realized that my favorite sims were always evolving and were there as an expression of art…or hopefully inspiring to others. So, while my sim is not currently open to the public…hopefully this time next month it will be and I’ll be able to show you what it really looks like. This is not what it will look like….at all. *grins*

Free Spirit

uk – Woodland Outpost
crate Bayou Paddle Boat


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