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Being a Weirdo

I’m not sure what normal is anymore. I suppose its whatever your local society reflects as the norm. For instance, people that live near the beach probably wear swimsuits under the clothes during the summer quite regularly, assuming they like the beach. I just think it wouldn’t be abnormal to see people in swimwear at Dunkin Donuts when you’re grabbing your morning coffee. Yet, that would be kinda weird where I live, as there are no beaches here. Though, the Tennessee River is rather close, I imagine you might see swimwear near the marinas. My point is that normal is just a reflection of the majority of society, right?
In Boston, for instance, you can throw a rock from just about anywhere and hit a Dunkin Donuts. In Seattle, its a coffee house or Starbucks. Where I live, its a church. There are more churches here than convenient stores. So, being an atheist here is considered quite abnormal. I swear, I’m gonna start charging people $20 for every time they try to “save me” from eternal damnation.
The same can be true about the way people judge one another’s homes. For instance, I know a woman who most people would find completely and utterly tacky simply for the way she has decorated her home. She had essentially collaged anything she could with pictures of 80’s hair bands. She obsessed with KISS and her entire bedroom makes that very clear. So, when I saw these Prrrandas from Culprit, I could not help but to remember hanging out with her. She would get so excited every time she was able to add something new to her collection.
I’ve always admired her, because she has never given a thought to how others perceive her. She wanted a few simple things from her life and she got them. She’s happy, too. She’s not rich, but she owns a house and her favorite car, a Ford Mustang. Her house is filled with things SHE loves and that have special meanings to her. She has raised a very cool teenage boy on her own. She’s a 911 dispatcher (or was) and she is just wicked cool. I pride myself on being weird and I like to think she does, too. We should all stop trying to please the world and be true to ourselves for a change. If we all did that, what other people say and think about us, wouldn’t hold much power at all, would it?

Being a Weirdo

hair:  :::Phoenix::: Brooke
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
ears: .:[PUMEC] :. – / Mesh Ears\ – 4 -POINT INDUSTRIAL
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair – Willow – Jamaica (*new* @ Uber)
**RE** Dragon Rings, Bracelets & Claws BG (*new* @ FaMESHed)

Legal Insanity – MILF shirt #1 RARE
Legal Insanity – MILF panties #2 Fatpack RARE
Legal Insanity – MILF boots #3 Fatpack (Maitreya Lara) RARE

pose: GingerFish Pose – Midnight set (*new* @ Pose Fair)

-Culprit Prrranda Eric
-Culprit Prrranda Gene
-Culprit Prrranda Paul
-Culprit Prrranda Norman
-Culprit Prrranda Tommy

.peaches. Bae’s Journal – Lover

FD & Commoner: Slater Collection (*new* @ Uber)
-FD & Commoner: Slater Rug
-FD & Commoner: Slater Surfboard
-FD & Commoner: Slater Chaise – plain
-FD & Commoner: Slater Wall Art
-FD & Commoner: Slater Magazines
-FD & Commoner: Slater Pendant Light
-FD & Commoner: Slater Tray
-FD & Commoner: Slater Candle
-FD & Commoner: Slater Incense
-FD & Commoner: Slater Accent Tables

3 thoughts on “Being a Weirdo

  1. what a great post and if you think of it a lot of things make sense living in a beach town for years it was very normal to see people shopping in beach clothes no one gave them a wierd look well there were some that you just thought ummm just cuz its in your size…anyway no longer close to the beach am now I guess living in a very uber conservative town where Sundays still have sermons on the radio LOL oh well again I love these thought-provoking blog posts ~ fantastic ♥

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