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I’m a Bad Girl

So, word has it that there’s a certain person out there roaming the grid with her panties all in a twist, riding up her crack simply because I exist. Once upon a time, someone did me wrong and this little birdy was unfortunate enough to hear me say a bad word. Lo and behold, this little birdy has decided that I should be released from all my SL jobs…blah blah blah….she’s been whining all over Facebook and to anyone that will listen. Unfortunately for her, I guess most people are all under some grand delusions about me. Was calling someone a bitch that serious? Does she even have a clue what happened to me to cause me to say such a thing? Well, no, of course not. However, I cleaned my side of the street and apologized to both the person I called the name and the upset little birdy for having to hear it and THAT was months ago. I’m big enough to admit my mistakes. I’m not perfect. Lord, someone smack me down right now, if I ever said I was…nope, more often than not I hate myself more than this silly little birdy ever could. Kinda sad she’s given me so much power over her life, I never asked for all that space in her empty little head. I mean, I’m guessing its pretty empty if she got all that room in there for me. Oh well, I suppose she can attend meetings with all my other haters, maybe she’ll meet some new friends that will take her mind off me. I think they’d get along quite nicely.
Well, what are you waiting for? Clearly I’m a bad girl, who is going to give me my spanking?


hair: #10 – Sintiklia – Baby girl – Hair Elin colors&pastels roots
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: [theSkinnery] Kailee (*new* @ C88)

=Zenith=Vintage Tighten Gloves
_CandyDoll_ Doll Outfit (*new* @ Kinky)
_CandyDoll_ Candy Heels (*new* @ Kinky)

pose by Del May

#selfie_RAMA – Faux Fur Bed ‘Pink’ (*new* @ equal10)

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