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I Can’t Help But Wonder…

I’m pretty sure most of us have heard or possibly even said something along the lines of dying happy if we died during sex. However, given that these days lots of people do voice sex, not just in SL, but all sorts of long distant relationships, right? I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve had some damn good sex that way. Well, if you know me, you know where this is going…*laughs*
I cannot help but wonder if someone was to have a heart attack and die while having voice sex, particularly with someone in SL that has no clue of their actual location or address. AND what if said person, now dead person, lives alone?? Cuz this is something I joke about, too. I joke about being the old lady they find after the neighbors complain about the smell coming from my condo, they come in and find my animals eating my face. So, combine that scenario with HOW I might die…so yeah, let’s say it’s me. I die all happy during voice sex, but my body isn’t discovered for days or weeks, but when it is…there I am, some old wrinkled half rotted body lying there clutching my toys. Can you imagine the horror of the people who find me? Can you just imagine the stories they will tell their friends and laugh about for years to come? I’d be okay with that. Knowing that long after I’m dead, I’m still making people laugh. Well, if you couldn’t imagine it before, you have now. You’re welcome. *giggles & prances off*

sexy princess

hair:  :::Phoenix::: Aimy Hair  (May FaMESHed Go)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair – Viktoria Applier
**Sexy Princess** Sweetest Sin Bodysuit Black (Includes shoes)
.:Avanti:. Classique Nylons – Black

pose by Bauhaus Movement (edited with AnyPose)
SAYO – Century Sofa – Straight Banquette

3 thoughts on “I Can’t Help But Wonder…

  1. and before I can say anything I gotta wipe my screen off tyvm…hillarious to actually think about that am not sure I wanna go that way since I live with a very reserved couple hehehe but have heard tales not in SL but in RL bout someone did expire while having sex and was not a good thing cuz they kind of got locked up together LOL…now think about that visual. umm ok not sure its 100% true but makes ya wonder huh hehehe

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