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My Hands Are Tied

Being a blogger, myself, I know how devastating and frustrating it can be when a blog post gets rejected. I don’t always agree with the reason, but regardless I respect the decision of the creator and their blog manager. I immediately set out to correct my mistake. Perhaps that’s because I prefer to maintain a certain integrity with my work, but I also know that they have the final say in the matter. Arguing with my blog managers will get me absolutely nowhere.
As a blog manager for four stores, my hands are often tied when it comes to rejecting posts. If the item for that store is not being showcased properly, I simply can’t accept it. Trust me when I say I absolutely hate rejecting posts, because I know how hard we all work on our blog photos and sometimes we’re quite proud of how they turned out. However, if I do reject a post, there’s nothing worse than that blogger coming at me to tell me how to do my job or running to the designer to complain about me. I have never rejected a post for personal reasons…EVER. Nor is it ever my intent to hurt a blogger’s feelings. I’d say that most bloggers understand and are usually apologetic. Like me, they rush off to correct the issue straight away.
*sighs* Every once in a while though, I have bloggers get far too defensive and thus begins their attack. I’ve had bloggers threaten to quit if I’m not fired. That NEVER works, but it does amuse me….especially when none of them have ever quit like they threatened to. I recently had a blogger IM me inworld just to tell me that I was an idiot and there was absolutely nothing wrong with their post and they would NOT be doing it over. Sadly, that just means she’s going to lose her spot as a blogger in time. I know none of us are perfect and that’s why I try my hardest to be gentle when explaining why I have to reject a post.
Something for bloggers to remember when they argue with their blog managers or creators is that we often know other designers and blog managers. We talk. We share horror stories. So whenever a blogger makes a scene with a creator or a blog manager, word gets around and it becomes increasingly harder for that blogger to be taken on by other stores. So, to my fellow bloggers I say, “Don’t take it so personally.” We obviously liked you enough to bring you on as a blogger. The fact that one or two posts weren’t up to par, doesn’t mean we don’t like you. It doesn’t mean that we doubt your talents or abilities, it simply means that we need something that wasn’t done with that particular post. Please, don’t shoot the messenger, attack blog managers/designers, simply fix the issue and resubmit. Take responsibility for your mistake and learn from it.  If you honestly do not have time to fix the issue, then you’ve probably got too much on your plate and should cut back.

my hands are tied

hair: pr!tty – Dawn – {Short} – [Special Pack] SUPER RARE (*new* @ TCF)
head: CATWA HEAD Lona
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: Glam Affair – Mindy
Narcisse– Insouciant Collar (*new* @ Black Fair)
Narcisse– Chanty 2in1 Ruffle Bodysuit (*new* @ FaMESHed)
BUENO-Athens Heels (*new* @ Shoetopia)

pose: FOXCITY. Spot On Bento Pose Set (*new* @ EQUAL10)
BUENO-Dreaming Bed- RARE

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