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I Do Not Understand…

So, I’m a profile perver, lots of us are…sometimes someone’s profile will even prompt me to speak to them. It could be something funny or inspiring. I love reading about how long a couple has been together or how close someone is to their friends. Sometimes, I find bits of conversations that are clearly a private joke, other times…private or not, it’s just plain funny. This tells me this person has a heart and a sense of humor. I love when they provide youtube links, because music can tell you a lot about someone. I love links to flickr and blogs. Personally, I love the funny profiles. Occasionally, I read opinions that are really quite interesting or that I might disagree with, but respect all the same. What I do not understand are the profiles filled with ignorance, hate, and self degradation.

A few examples:
1. About: “Go the fuck away.”  (Why even bother writing something? Leave it blank, I’ll go away anyway. RUDE!)
2. I’m honest which makes me come off as a bitch.  (Uhm, last I checked you could be an honest person without being rude and without advertising it. To be fair, if you have to advertise that you’re honest, I’m going to assume you’re not.)
3. If I IM you then be thankful, your avi is decent to look at (Yet, yours isn’t! Your profile is filled with nothing but sex groups, picks, and quotes. Gee, Mister, you sound kinda like a rapist. Was I asking for you to IM me by investing in my avatar?)
4. I’m here for my entertainment, not yours. It’s all about me. Single. (Gee, I wonder why you’re single…hmmm.)
5. Links to wishlists. (Does this really work? Do people just look at your profile and buy you things just because you asked? What are you offering in return?)
6. Long lists of likes and dislikes. (Seems to me, giving a list of dislikes is like giving away free ammo. And wouldn’t it be better for someone to get to know you, rather read a list of your likes and dislikes? Kinda reads like some sort of desperate ad on a dating app.)

I dunno, I just think its strange the way people advertise themselves. Although, I suppose some might think mine is strange, too. Mine reads like a resume and a set of love letters to my friends. *laughs* I suppose no one can really win, because if you’re too nice you sound fake. If you’re rude, you’re a bitch. If its blank, you’re an alt.


hair: tram G0511 hair
head: CATWA HEAD Lilly
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
skin: DeeTaleZ  “Merrylu” Mixedtype
EF: Tidings Bento Rings
Scandalize. Britney (*new* @ N21)

pose: an lar [poses] The Alisha Series

4 thoughts on “I Do Not Understand…

  1. great post and am a profile reader too, which makes for at times interesting reading ~ had to go look at my own profile LOL but am agreement with you with the wish lists and wondering do ppl or rather guys gonna pull out their wallet for some of those items…great post and enjoyed reading

    Liked by 1 person

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