Alexandra Nevermind-BVN-Blog Swap

Alright, so you might be wondering what this is all about. What the hell is a blog swap? Well, Blogger & Vlogger Network had this great idea for bloggers to do a blog about each other. Much like secret santa, we threw our names in the proverbial hat and then one was handed back to us. I must admit, I was very nervous about this and almost didn’t participate. Upon receiving my card, I saw the name:  devereaubeauregard resident

Oh God, I’ve never heard of this person! What am I going to do??? Naturally, the first thing I did was find the profile. Well, that is certainly intriguing! I’m excited now, because Alexandra Nevermind looks to be quite fascinating. Now, how do I proceed? Hmmm. Check out the Flickr, that’s what!! HOLY CRAP! How have I not already been following this person?? These photos are incredible!!
santa swap
Next, I click on the blog link! I absolutely adore the name of the blog, Sugar Walls!!

Ok, now I need to go introduce myself without sounding like some sort of stalker by the time I speak, as I’ve faved at least a dozen pictures on Flickr and several blog posts. Let’s just see how it goes! Oh lord, what an impression I must be making. My introduction is so lame:  Hi Alexandra, I’d like to introduce myself, as I’ve drawn your name in the BVN Blog Swap. I’m sure I could have written plenty about you based on your fascinating profile and amazing photography, but I just don’t think it would be complete without talking to you, too. So, Hi…I’m nervous and weird…wanna cookie?
What a relief to find Alexandra both kind and welcoming. We friended so that I could have a day or two to come up with some proper questions. Let me just say at this point I’m feeling a bit like an idiot, but fortunately Alexandra is both gracious and patient.
I went off and prepared some proper questions, then waited until the time was right and pounced. The following is our Q & A:

Sadystika: Hi Alexandra, I was wondering whether or not you’ve had your coffee? If so, have you got a minute to answer a few questions for the blog swap.
Alexandra: Sure!
Alexandra: I have had coffee.

Sadystika: In your profile you say, “I do futuristic IKEA villain drag. Don’t ask, just watch.” But I have to ask, can you elaborate on that a little?
Alexandra: Haha, sure!
Alexandra: Well, most of the images I do are meant to be in a drag style. Over the top, bright. I accommodate that a little bit with my avatar choices, In-World, I have a larger frame, and I use a male head (which is a pain in the ass, I have to wear lots of collars to cover up the neck line, haha.)
Alexandra: Some of my largest inspirations are modern art movements, avant-garde fashion designers, the 80’s underground club scene, and minimalistic/futuristic concepts.
Alexandra: I also hear I usually look bitchy, so there’s the villain part.
Alexandra: Hahahah.
Sadystika: I wouldn’t say you look bitchy in your pics

Sadystika: As you clearly have three defined body types as described on the Body Standards page of your blog. Can you tell me, is it difficult to find clothing for androgynous and non-gendered individuals?
Alexandra: Mm…yes, and no? I would say that my biggest complaint is more with body and head options than it is with the clothing. A lot of the times, especially with more complex outfits, I’m using a lot of non-rigged or items used to different body rigs to make things properly fit and layer to achieve certain looks, and I think this is effort I’d have to put it, no matter what sort of look I was doing if I’m playing the mix and match game, though.
Alexandra: I did find that it’s hard to really get a mesh body that’s “in-between.” Same with faces. Catwa is taking some steps to make unisex heads, but I would still say those faces are very much leaning toward female shapes/aesthetic.
Alexandra: Maitreya is only ever going to go so wide under female config settings, and male bodies always tend to have a base amount of muscle that is pretty high.
Alexandra: That tends to be one frustration, though. There’s not really a lot of drag on SL, I think, partially because everything is so far in the female or male regions.

Sadystika: Do you encounter problems with people on the grid about your appearance?
Alexandra: I would say….85% of the time, it’s positive.
Alexandra: If people think ill of it, I’m guess they don’t say much out loud. I’d have more issues if I went to gay-centric places, I would think.
Alexandra: I tend to just stick between club hopping, shopping and RP, so I’m sure I don’t get around as much as some people, haha. Most people on the RP sim are pretty chill. Usually, the most I get are just comments on the uniqueness of my outfits and that ilk.

As I had thoroughly read his profile, the section under first life piqued my curiosity.
“I’m old and grumpy, and I actually have a snowman problem IRL. If you really have to know some things, I am online too much, and you can just flip a coin for gender.

It’s best not to ask questions. At least wait until I’ve had my damned coffee.”

Sadystika: Lastly, I’m concerned about your snowman problem and would very much like to know more.
Alexandra: Oh, well.
Alexandra: My mother and I grew up relatively poor. We didn’t have a lot of money for things, let alone Christmas, but she tried to make things happy and positive regardless.
Alexandra: We used to go on long shopping trips out to spend the day wandering around, and she’d always get a me a stuffed animal to remember it. Around Christmas, we got a snowman every year.
Alexandra: We did this like…forever. I eventually just started collecting them, because it was a good memory. When I moved away, my mom would send me a bit of money to get one and send her pictures of it, especially when she was too sick to get one to send me.
Sadystika  melts.
Alexandra: She passed away just this year, and it was hard for a while, but I still just keep collecting them, because it makes me think of her.
Sadystika: awww, honey, I’m so sorry
Alexandra: Ahhh, It’s life, right?
Alexandra: Shit’s hard.
Sadystika nods.
Alexandra: I have lots of good memories, though.
Sadystika: Do you mind if I share the snowman story? It’s so personal, I’ll understand if you’d prefer I didn’t.
Alexandra: Sure, you can.

Here are two of his latest works. I can’t recommend his Flickr and blog enough. He is genuinely unique in a world where so many of us are mirror images of one another.

La Fée Verte
Now, we shall begin the experiment.




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