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Behind Your Back

People will always talk behind your back, whether they know you or not. They will say things about you that aren’t true and someone will believe them. Guess what? Nothing you can do about it. I recently watched a friend of mine be falsely accused of something and boldly punished by peers. I’ve been through it, myself. I bet you have, too. Here’s the thing…the people that really know you and love you? They will believe you and even if you had done what you were accused of…well, they’d most likely stand by you. I mean, let’s be honest here, when someone runs off at the mouth behind our backs…what are they even saying? Whether lies or truths, its usually an opinion or something someone supposedly said to someone else, right? Or maybe they’re saying you did something that you’d never do in a gazillion years…so we’re back to the real friends, aren’t we? Those friends that know us well enough and love us strong enough to know better, to care less about the rumors.
I say let them talk….and while we’re at it, I’ll dress it up real pretty so you got something to look at since you can’t say it to my face. *smiles*

candydoll phoenix

hair: :::Phoenix::: Harper (*new* @ Hairology)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
_CandyDoll_ Wendy Dress (*new* @ C88)
Essenz – Peru (*new* @ FaMESHed)

pose: GingerFish Poses – Cinema Verite (*new* @ eBento)

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