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Hold My Hand

When I saw this pose by Drunk Panda, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and the perfect way to dedicate another post to Josh, because I’m not the best at showing him how much he means to me. He’s always posting these romantic and sexy memes to my page on FB. Sometimes I can’t fight my sarcastic nature and I crack jokes, because the truth is…I’m not used to being loved like this and I never want it to end. I’ve honestly never felt what I feel with him and while I know that nothing last forever…I want this for as long as it can possibly last. I love you, Josh. This song is for you.

Hold My Hand cover (originally by Jess Glynne)

Standing in a crowded room, and I can’t see your face
Put your arms around me, tell me everything’s OK
In my mind, I’m running round a cold and empty space
Just put your arms around me, tell me everything’s OK

Break my bones but you won’t see me fall, oh
The rising tide will rise against them all, oh

Darling, hold my hand
Oh, won’t you hold my hand?
Cause I don’t wanna walk on my own anymore
Won’t you understand? Cause I don’t wanna walk alone
I’m ready for this, there’s no denying
I’m ready for this, you stop me falling
I’m ready for this, I need you all in
I’m ready for this, so darling, hold my hand

Soul is like a melting pot when you’re not next to me
Tell me that you’ve got me and you’re never gonna leave
Tryna find a moment where I can find release
Please tell me that you’ve got me and you’re never gonna leave

Break my bones but you won’t see me fall, oh
The rising tide will rise against them all, oh

Darling, hold my hand
Oh, won’t you hold my hand?
Cause I don’t wanna walk on my own anymore
Won’t you understand? Cause I don’t wanna walk alone
I’m ready for this, there’s no denying
I’m ready for this, you stop me falling
I’m ready for this, I need you all in
I’m ready for this, so darling, hold my hand

Don’t wanna know
That feeling when I’m all alone
So please don’t make me wait, cause I don’t wanna break
No, I don’t wanna fall
When you’re next to me
Can tell I’m not afraid to be
That you don’t make me wait, and never let me break
You never let me fall

Darling, hold my hand
Oh, won’t you hold my hand?
Cause I don’t wanna walk on my own anymore
Won’t you understand? Cause I don’t wanna walk alone
I’m ready for this, there’s no denying
I’m ready for this, you stop me falling
I’m ready for this, I need you all in
I’m ready for this, so darling, hold my hand


Josh is wearing:
hair: Stealthic – Hysteria
hairbase: [Hipster Style] Rhys Hairbase BROWN
head: CATWA HEAD Daniel
ears: .:E.A.Studio:.  Ears Falling Star
beard: VYC – Neat Scruff Beard HD *GIFT*
body: Slink Physique Male Mesh Body
piercing: 3.::GB:: Lip piercing (Catwa Daniel) Black (Studded)
BlankLine MountainPullover
::GB::Straight RollUp Jeans

Sady is wearing:
hair: TRUTH / Athena (September VIP gift)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
erratic / laura – sweater (*new* @C88)
Blueberry – DWL Jeans – Capri Jeans

pose: Drunk Panda-HoldMyHandForever (*new* @ Limit8)

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No Place For You

It was the end of summer and she had decided to take a walk down to the Charcuterie for some of Peter’s famous sausages. They would be perfect with the apples she had picked that morning. As she walked along the dirt road she came across the most adorable little piglet, she scooped him up just as she approached Peter’s place. The little pig was so cute as she squealed in her face.
She smiled lovingly at her new pet, “I shall call you Wilbur, but you have to promise not to bring home any friends named Charlotte!” As she approached the door for Peter’s it dawned on her that she should take her new pet home first, “This is no place for you, Wilbur! No place at all!”

this is not the place for you

hair: +Spellbound+ Shahrazad
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
.:E.A:. Studio Ears Gunner (*new* @ Tres Chic)
EF: Sequoia Necklace (September FaMESHed)
!Rebel Hope – Raylin Mesh Wrap Dress
JIAN Playtime Piglet (*new* @ Arcade)

Pose: FOXCITY. Mens – Play Ball Bento Pose Set (edited with AnyPose)
Exposeur   – Rusty’s Farmhouse – Pink/White
7 – Peter’s Charcuterie
7 – Rear Deliveries Only (Sept 22 FLF)

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What We Want

Dear Blueberry,

This blog post is dedicated to you and your amazing team. Why is it titled, “What We Want?” Well, because we all want to blog for you! I don’t know a single blogger that doesn’t want to blog for you. Now, with that said, I am extremely blessed to blog for some of the most amazing and incredible designers on the grid, but there are certain stores that have been on my wishlist to blog for…well…since I started taking blogging seriously and realizing that I wanted to blog only for brands that I could fully support and maintain my integrity. So, to the gorgeous and talented Blueberry team, I implore you to take on some fresh meat…oh and did I mention that my birthday is October 6th and that it would be a really awesome pressie if I was to be accepted on your blogging team? Well, it was worth a shot! Regardless of what I get, I know for sure what we all want is MORE BLUEBERRY!!!♥

what we want

hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Alba” (*new* @ Tres Chic)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
[ kunst ] – Natasha collar
Blueberry – Lace Tops Gift – Long
Blueberry – Serena Pants

pose: FOXCITY. Souffle Bento Pose Set
[ isuka ] in my head backdrop (*new* @ Limit8)

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This post is going to be short and sweet, because sometimes music expresses what I’m feeling more than my own words. So, here’s a song, but this time I’ll let you find the lyrics on your own. I’m just going to quote my favorite part. ♥

“Spend some time with you
I might bend the rules
Cause I’m in love with you
You can see the truth
I will show you soon
Just meet me on the moon”
~Jaden Smith-Fallen

I've fallen and I don't wanna get up

hair: TRUTH Montana
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
[ kunst ] – Lucy choker
LYBRA . AYDIA BLOGGERS (*new* @ Frou Frou)
Pretty Mess – Lola – Salted Caramel

pose: FOXCITY. Bento Ground Sits VOL1

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Like most bloggers, I’m a multitasker. Often times while I’m in blog mode, I’m watching a movie or a show. This particular night I was up far later than usual and had stumbled across a great copy of 40 Meters Below. Now, I’m not a huge advocate for watching illegal copies of movies, but let’s face it..most of us have at one point or another. So, I’m guilty and I admit it. However, I can honestly say that this movie was amazing and incredibly intense. Especially while working on a photo of my avatar under water and wrestling to get the pose set just right with these tentacles. I’m not sure which one was more intense because of the other, but either way…just wow! Either way it was a fun and exciting night!


head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Scandalize. ANABELLE (*new* @ 4Mesh)

FOXCITY. Tentacle Attack-9 – Common (Rez) (*new* @ Pocket Gacha)
FOXCITY. Tentacle Attack Cave – RARE (Rez) (*new* @ Pocket Gacha)
{anc} bubbles .

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Walking The Birds

People looked at her strangely as she and her cat paraded about carrying birds that would fly about only to return to their perches upon them. She didn’t find it at all strange to take her birds for a walk and neither did her cat. Even the other birds would look at them strangely, but she couldn’t understand why it was such an odd thing to be walking the birds. *giggles*

walk the birds

hair: #Foxy – Bella. (*new* @ Kustom9)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Scandalize. Danyele (*new* @ TresChic)
Phedora ~ Selma Flats ~ 28c V2
JIAN Green Cheek Conure Companion (*new* @ FaMESHed)
JIAN Chubby Cat Bird Bus Companion (September Luxe Box)

pose: FOXCITY. Mannequin Bento Pose Set
location: Tranquil Bay

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A Better Day

Once upon a time there was a girl that saw nothing but drama on Facebook all day long. She hated seeing people she cared about at each other’s throats and desperately wanted everyone to get along. She watched insults being flung about carelessly and it made her sad. She knew she was powerless against all the hate and anger. She knew that getting involved or tossing in her two cents would only make things worse. Instead, she decided to close the window and spend more time with herself. She’s never understand why people who clearly didn’t like one another would spend so much time and energy spreading hate. She had enough problems and much bigger ones than picking people apart. She was much happier in her little blogger bubble, decorating and playing dress up. She remembered why she had begun to isolate herself and sighed gratefully for the close friends that she had. As she went to bed that night, she burned her sage wand to rid herself of the day’s negativity and sending love out into the world, hoping that today would be a better day not just for her, but for everyone.

exploring elysion

hair: TRUTH HAIR Tyne
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
*AvaWay* Jasmine_Bracelet & Ring
Entice – School Girl Crush Top (*new* @ 4Mesh)
{le fil casse} Sharina Mini Skirt (*new* @ Frou Frou)
_CandyDoll_ Yira Heels (*new* @ C88)

pose: GingerFish Poses – Strut set (*new* @ eBento)
location Elysion

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Walk of Shame

She had stayed out all night with only a clutch. She finally understood why women carried such big purses and all the stuff she could have fit in one to avoid this walk of shame. It was pretty obvious she’s been out all night. Her updo was unraveling and the sunglasses hardly hid the fact that she was far too overdressed for any activity at this hour of the morning. She convinced herself that if she got coffee and a pastry she could mimic Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Except there was no Tiffany’s, there was only four more blocks from the coffee shop to her house.

walk of shame

hair: MINA – Indy
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body

BUENO-Sol -SunGlasses
EF: Communique Necklace
EF: Communique Earrings
EF: Communique Ring
tres blah– Coffee To Go
A*S Handy Paper Bag For Donut #1
LYBRA . ELLE (*new* @ FaMESHed)
REIGN.- Adele Heels- Teal

pose by an lar *edited with AnyPose*
ninety – #places Sweet [ 06 ]

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Come Back When We Open

She had come in early to do some rehearsing. Just as she sat down to text her room mate about tonight’s show, she saw him in the doorway, “Come back when we open, unless you just want a drink. The bar out front is open, but its dancers only back here for now.”
He just smiled and nodded, but didn’t turn around. She gave him a curious glance as he was quite handsome and not the type she usually saw in the club. Leaning back, she crossed her long lean legs and bit her lip as she watched him watching her.
“You like what you see, Mister?” she cooed as she set her phone down to give him her undivided attention.
Again, he simply smiled and nodded. She really didn’t like games and decided she wasn’t going to play. She picked up her phone and pretended to text. Looking up she could see he was still standing there, “Look, Mister, really, just come back when we’re open if you want a show.” She went back to looking at her phone and sent the nonsense text to her room mate. She’d explain later. When she looked up again, he was gone. She smiled to herself while secretly hoping to see him again.

come back when we open

hair: Magika – 01 – Excuse Me
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
BUENO-Sweet Shorts (*new* @ Kustom9)
e.marie // Text Back Phone – Adventure (*new* @ Kustom9)

pose: FOXCITY. Steamy Bento Pose Set

+Dreamcatcher+ Starry striptease backdrop (*new* @ 4Mesh)
uK – Bachelor Hall Art Bender v1 (*new* @ TMD)
uK – Bachelor Hall Art Bender v2 (*new* @ TMD)
uK – Bachelor Hall Art Kneel v1 (*new* @ TMD)
uK – Bachelor Hall Art Kneel v2 (*new* @ TMD)

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When the Smoke Clears

I have had an insane week and it looks like I’ve got another one ahead of me, but I know that once things settle down and the smoke clears I’m going to come out the other side breathing fresher air and feeling so much better. That’s just how it is sometimes, isn’t it? We just have to push forward until the smoke clears and our heads are above the proverbial water. There are a lot of people going through a lot right now, because while we can often pause our Second Lives…there’s no pause button on the RL, is there? *sighs* I wish you all good luck as you push onward in your real lives and my SL provide the distraction and joy that it can. ♥

when the smoke clears

hair: Stealthic – Fatal (*new* @Kustom9)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
The Annex – Tempest Dress

pose created using AnyPose
taikou / gaien market backdrop (*new* @Kustom9)