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Take a Backseat

Ya know, anyone with a Facebook account whether its RL or SL sees far more than their share of drama, add the aspect of life on the grid and its going to be ten times worse, but here’s the thing. If you don’t want to be caught up in it, then stay out of it. Sure, you can grab some popcorn and watch it all unfold like a bad episode of some Real Housewives of Hell, but don’t you have better things to do with your time? I know I do. Sure, I’ve read stuff on friend’s walls and wondered who is that about….and I’ve had people come running to me with gossip, but do you see me running off at the mouth to anyone outside of the cunts (Kess, Tracy, & Grace)? No, you don’t. You also don’t see the four of us mixed up in everyone’s drama. Sure, we’ve each had a bit of our own here and there, but the more power you give rumors and lies, the stronger they become…the bigger the story gets…the more people get involved. Look, if someone calls you a whore and you’re insulted by it…well, you’re being silly. Either you are a whore or you’re not. If you are, why you mad? They didn’t lie. If you’re not a whore, then why you mad? You gonna be mad if they call you a chair? Are you a chair? Right. So, take a backseat, let the drama llamas drive…and enjoy the scenery and the ride. Let someone else navigate through all that bullshit.

**BTW, before y’all get started…this is not aimed at anyone in particular, its just another day in the second life.**



hair: TRUTH Apple (*new* @ Uber)
head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
EF: Papillon Earrings
Scandalize. Sweet FUR. (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
ChicModa // Lynn Skirt (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
!Rebel Hope – Maddie Mesh Shoes (*new* @ Shoetopia)

pose created with AnyPose
[Con.] Wax On/Wax Off Convertible – Grey

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