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Like most bloggers, I’m a multitasker. Often times while I’m in blog mode, I’m watching a movie or a show. This particular night I was up far later than usual and had stumbled across a great copy of 40 Meters Below. Now, I’m not a huge advocate for watching illegal copies of movies, but let’s face it..most of us have at one point or another. So, I’m guilty and I admit it. However, I can honestly say that this movie was amazing and incredibly intense. Especially while working on a photo of my avatar under water and wrestling to get the pose set just right with these tentacles. I’m not sure which one was more intense because of the other, but either way…just wow! Either way it was a fun and exciting night!


head: CATWA HEAD Tala
body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Scandalize. ANABELLE (*new* @ 4Mesh)

FOXCITY. Tentacle Attack-9 – Common (Rez) (*new* @ Pocket Gacha)
FOXCITY. Tentacle Attack Cave – RARE (Rez) (*new* @ Pocket Gacha)
{anc} bubbles .

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