Artisan Fantasy Second Life

Waiting for Him

The text message read: OMW…be ready to play…wait in the tub
She squealed with delight and wasted no time getting undressed. She grabbed two goblets of his favorite wine, lit the candles and the fireplace. Then settled into the tub of hot water. She played in the water, careful to keep her hair dry, she couldn’t wait for Him to get home!

clean for Daddy

wearing: TRUTH / Athena (September VIP gift)

pose: FOXCITY. Milk Bath VOL2 Bento Pose Set

*AF* Conquistador Bath (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Conquistador Bath Cabinet (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Maiden Tor Goblet Tray
*AF* Conquistador Bath Candelabra (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Gerbera Daisy Vase
*AF* Conquistador Bath Rug (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Conquistador Bath Fireplace (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Conquistador Bath Rug (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Capturado Utility Shelf
*AF* Utility Tray v1
*AF* Capturado Scrollwork
*AF* Conquistador Bath Cabinet (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Conquistador Bath Caddy (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Conquistador Bath Potted Succulents 2 (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Conquistador Bath Sink (*new* @ We ❤ Role-Play)
*AF* Hacienda Striped Rug


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