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Artisan Fantasy Glamping Set

Artisan Fantasy has the ultimate gacha set at Imaginarium. This gorgeous glamping set makes for a lovely get away or put this furniture in a cute log cabin and you’ve got a cozy bedroom suite perfect for the upcoming months of fall of winter. Whether you get one piece or multiple pieces, this is one of those gachas that will surely suck you in, because everything in it can be used in a variety of ways! You gotta love that anytime you can get it!♥
Oh and for those that are like me and didn’t really know what glamping was until I started seeing “glamping sets” in SL…check out this really neat article I found: What is Glamping?

camping in style

*AF* Glamping Set (*new* @ Imaginarium)
*AF* Glamping 1 – Bed RARE
*AF* Glamping 2 – Adirondack Chair RARE (not pictured)
*AF* Glamping 3 – Slatted Chair
*AF* Glamping 4 – Bench
*AF* Glamping 5 – Bedside Table
*AF* Glamping 6 – Dream
*AF* Glamping 7 – Stacked Suitcases
*AF* Glamping 8 – Rug Lg Color
*AF* Glamping 8 – Rug Sm Earth Tone (not pictured)
*AF* Glamping 9 – Hanging Cups
*AF* Glamping 10 – Lantern (not pictured)
*AF* Glamping 11 – Fire Pit (not pictured)
*AF* Glamping 12 – Tent
*AF* Glamping GOI – Wine Tray

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