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“You just passed a drive in, let’s just turn around and eat there,” Laurie exclaimed. She was hungry and they have been driving for hours. It was getting dark and she was tired.
“Nah, we’ll get something when we stop for gas, its only a few more miles to the next gas station…the sign said so. Besides…a drive in way out here? In the middle of nowhere? Probably closing soon anyway, ” Jay shrugged and pressed down on the gas. He was hungry, too, but the place looked creepy with all those old cars and people dressed from the 50s.
“That gas station better be like a truck stop! Those places have the best food!” She closed her eyes and imagined a big juicy burger with thick salty fries and a milk shake. She turned her head to look back at the drive in, lights dimming in the distance. “I bet they had killer burgers and milk shakes,” she mumbled to herself.

As they pulled into the rickety old gas station, her hopes for a burger died, “Oh. My. God. They don’t even look like they have a cold soda, much less food! Let’s just go back to Lucky’s!”
“If you’re that hungry, I got something you can eat,” he laughed and grabbed his crotch.
“If you don’t find me some food you can eat it yourself!” She crossed her arms and turned her head to stare out the window in order to hide the grin on her face.

An old man in coveralls approached the car, “Ya need a fill up, kids?”

Jay looked up at the old guy and nodded, “Hey, uhm, you got any food around here or do we need to turn around go back to Lucky’s?”
The old man crooked his head to one side, “Lucky’s? Why that old place ain’t been open in years.”
Laurie whipped her head around, “C’mon old man, we just passed it…there were people and cars and lights on! Jay, just get the gas so we can go grab some food before they close, will ya?”
The old man scratched his head and gave her a stern look, “Ma’am, I’m not sure what you saw, but that ole place was closed down back in 1958 after the massacre. Now, I’ve heard of people stopping there, but then they ain’t been seen again. I reckon you’d be better off going on up about 40 miles to the McDonalds.”


unKindness Lucky’s Drive-In Set
~uK – Lucky’s Drive-In Joint
~uK – Lucky Drive In Table Red/Green
~uK – Lucky Drive In Table Blue/Pink
~uK – Lucky’s Drive-In Menu
~uK – Lucky’s Drive-In Sign

[B.A.I] 1957 Smith Thunderbolt
[B.A.I] 1956 Shubert Beverly
[B.A.I] 1952 Houston Hornet

All the people are various mesh NPCs that I found on marketplace
All the little food stuff is from various places

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