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Haunted Hallway

I was talking about the different types of abuse I endured as a kid the other day. It wasn’t really one of those emo conversations, but more about which types of abuse seem to have left the deepest scars. For me personally, it was the physical or sexual abuse. It was the verbal, emotion, and mental abuse. There was a hallway in my house that had two doors on either side and to this day I have nightmares about that hallway. Why? Because it was there that I was scarred the most. Passing my father in the hallway only to hear him mutter insults repeatedly throughout every single day. This went on long after the physical and sexual abuse ended. In fact, it got worse. I think we all know too well how insults and negative statements tend to linger…to weigh heavier than the positive. I wish I could change that. I wish I could believe the good things people say as much, if not more, than the bad.
Perhaps if we are kinder to one another, more complimentary towards one another…we can avoid haunted hallways and instead step out into the sun. May we embrace the rays of positive words and leave the negative remarks…the hate…the abuse…behind us…in the dark.


hairMINA – Indy
head: CATWA HEAD Kathy
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skinGlam Affair – Polly – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Jamaica (*new* @ Kustom9)

LYBRA . VIVIEN TAUPE (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)

pose by Di’s Opera

backdrop: /anxiety/ local (*new* @ Shiny Shabby)

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