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Would You Rather…Wednesday

Would You Rather….Wednesday

Would you rather be able to talk with animals or be able to speak all foreign languages? Well, this is a pretty easy one for me, because I don’t really like people that much. *laughs* I mean, I like some people, but I’m not trying to talk to everybody and anybody. I’m a bit of a recluse, but I absolutely adore animals and would love to speak and communicate more effectively with my pets and any other animals that cross my path. Dr. Sady Doolittle at your service! Yes, I rather like the sound of that. I actually wanted to a be a veterinarian until I was in the fourth grade and watched the vet stick a thermometer up my cat’s ass. That was the end of that dream, right there.

animal party1

Just imagine if you could talk to animals, how much more interesting parties would be. Instead nationalities and races, I’d literally have different species and we would dance…and laugh…and laugh…and tell stories…the cat would yawn and tell us how boring we all are, because lets face it..cats are assholes. The sheep would be looking all paranoid knowing I have welsh friends like Rom and Tally. We’d all have to watch the raccoon, because everyone knows he double dips his chips. The music would have to be extra loud…because…well…the wolf thinks he can sing. The goat is especially fun for he laughs at all the worst jokes. If you started off thinking languages, bet you changed your mind now, huh?

animal party3

Alright, so please reply on any social media you find the blog on and let’s see what you’d rather do. Meanwhile, there’s so much goodness to show off in these pictures. I had to multiples to show it all off. I have tons of critters from Jian and all of these are from that amazing store, but don’t think this is all they have, because they have tons more stuff! Check out their mainstore and take some lindens with you, because if you like animals in your SL, you’re going to fall in love!

animal party2

Oh, I’m not finished…*laughs*..Collabor88 is officially open and as always Cynful has delivered something heavenly! Of course, C88 always has an abundance of goodies and always takes a serious chunk of my lindens! Don’t even get me started on what’s coming tomorrow at ON9…oh hell, I’ve already started! Hair, poses, clothes, furniture…you do not want to miss it! Alright, enough reading…go, go shop to your heart’s content…there’s so much out there just waiting for YOU! ♥

hair: .:EMO-tions.. *STARS* (*new* @ ON9)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes w/-SU!– [CATWA & OMEGA HUD] Xenira Eyes ALL COLORS
eyeshadowIzzie’s – Catwa – Applier Dark Metallic Eyeshadow Hud
dimples: Izzie’s – Catwa Dimples Hud
lipstick: [PF] CATWA LIPSTICK Applier – Glossy Pout
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

CODEX_QUEENIE CHOKER (*new* @ Chapter Four)
Amala – The Moon & Stars Necklace – Silver
Amala – The Daddy’s Necklace
Noodles – Positivity Bangles : Pack Six
**RE** ReVoX Aros Couple Bracelet – Female
**RE** Luxy Rings Set (*new* @ Chapter Four)
[ kunst ] – Wire ring (left)

[Cynful] Bombshell Top (*new* @ C88)
[Cynful] Bombshell Pants (*new* @ C88)

poses: FOXCITY.Dance Set (*new* @ ON9)

[Bad Unicorn] ‘South Bank’ Backdrop (*new* @TMD)
[Cb] Garden Party Chair (*new* @ ON9)
[Cb] DANCE sign (*new* @ ON9)
[Cb] Springtime Planter Trio White (*new* @ ON9)
[Cb] PARTY sign (*new* @ ON9)
Jian :: Maybelle the Sheep (Animated)
Jian :: Chester the Goat (Animated)
JIAN :: Squirrel (Wanderer)
JIAN Fennec :: Static (Sleep L) (*new* @ Whimsical)
JIAN Holiday Huskies :: Held Pup (Grey)
JIAN Grey Wolf :: Static Howl
JIAN Fennec :: Static (Turn R)
JIAN :: Raccoon Static (Feed)
JIAN Kitten Collection :: *FaMESHED Bonus* Sitting Kitten

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