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My First Treasure Chest…

Ok, I’ve just pried all my boxes from the hud, opened the boxes and now I set forth to rez or wear the contents…one by one. As I’ve never done a box opening post before, I’m just going to write this as I go and be completely honest with my opinions. Now, lets see if they ask me to review another one after I’m done. *giggles & crosses her fingers*
Alright, first item up is from ~*Souzou Eien*~ with Sacrificial Rite…comes with a rather nice and good sized staging area, along with an altar and a basin, although the stage has two basins attached. I really like that they’ve included a unattached basin. I gotta say, this first item…pretty damn nice and easily worth L$500 on its own, if not more.
Okay, WOW! Roawenwood went all out. This a a photographer’s dream! They’ve given us Dungeon Entrance Ruins along with a Red Leafed Maple…THIS is gorgeous. Definitely worth another L$500-750 on its own.
Oh yeah, I knew Adoness wouldn’t let me down. Super cute, fun, edgy style hair with complete fatpack of colors. I love it…and we all know fatpacks of hair are never cheap. So, another item worth at least L$500…already this chest has proven its worth and I’m only three designers in!
Next up we have 1313 and this is right up my alley. While I don’t photograph them nearly enough, I have a serious weakness for masks. What I love about this Worn Hide Mask (which includes a Fresh Hide version, as well) is that there’s a great hud with 16 texture options, but two parts of the mask to texture, so you can mix and match them a lot of ways. I’m not here to do math, so someone else cant figure out how many ways exactly.
Alright, this next item, I have to admit, I wasn’t too excited by the sound of it. Anachron brings us the Medieval Torch Dispenser. However, I stand completely corrected and thoroughly impressed. Not only is it a quality looking torch, a nice touch for any dungeon, but it literally gives you a torch…the kind that asks if it can attach to you and animate you. Oh, this is hot! (pun fully intended, you’re welcome) I don’t know how much torches usually cost in SL, but this one is definitely top of the line!
Now, I get to Entice, a corset, cuff and leggings package called Adrenaline. I was a bit bit confused about the leggings and thought they were missing, but it turns out that the hud is actually an omega applier. I don’t use omega appliers too often, so for now I can say that the corset comes with attached arm warmers and is quite nice. I’m not keen on the cuffs as the spikes seems a bit extreme for my tastes. I have to say this though, even without the leggings or the spiked cuffs, the hud for this corset is on point with a fantastic array of options.
ERSCH has come along with the Sapphire Axe. I have a weakness for weaponry, even though I can’t fight my way out of a wet paper bag. Ok, this is cool…three versions of the axe! One for your back, one to wear with the two poses they’ve included, and one just to hold in your hand. Plus they’ve included a really nice, delicate little headdress piece. Me likey!
Next up, we have The Half Moon Market with Old School Text Adventure Essentials. It’s a very detailed, yet relatively simply sword and a brass lantern. So far, this is probably my least favorite item, but that’s not to say I don’t like it. I love taking pictures and these will both make for some killer props! The lantern has a light on/off option, while the sword has a pose on/off option, but to be fair…I’ll probably use my own poses.
Oh, Cubic Cherry, how I love thee! I knew they wouldn’t let me down. I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of these Pixie orbs are supposed to be, but I love them and I know I will be using these in plenty of photography scenes in the future. With light and shadow versions, plus holding animations…oh yessss, thank you Cubic Cherry, I continue my adoration of your creations.
For our final piece, we’ve gotten to [UN] Unrepentant, who ironically apologizes profusely for not having their item completed, but provides us with wearable Rogue knives with a promise of a much bigger product very soon.
So, overall, I’m quite impressed with my very first Treasure Chest, despite a few hiccups. Now for the big question…Do I think this Chest of items is worth the L$1500 subscription price? HELL YES!

I’m showing a handful of Treasure Chest items along with some amazing accessories, mostly from Codex, because they just scream warrior, don’t they? Stay tuned because I’ll be showing off more of the Treasure Chest items right along with plenty of other finds from across the grid. Never a shortage of shopping is there? SQUEEEE!! In the meantime, check out the Treasure Chest flickr group to catch a glimpse at how others have chosen to show off their treasures!
I’m off to see what other amazing creations I can find…Happy Shopping and treasure hunting, my friends! ♥

hair: adoness : Treasure Chest Feb 2017 :  Valerian – Hair
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
eyes: CATWA Mesh Eyes w/-SU!– [CATWA & OMEGA HUD] Xenira Eyes ALL COLORS
facepaint: [LF] Native Paint 1 CATWA Applier
lip tatooMad’ – Daemon Lips [CATWA APPLIER]
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

02 CODEX_Nose Stray piercing (*new* @ Bodyfy)
03 CODEX_Septum Stray piercing (*new* @ Bodyfy)
05 CODEX_Snakebites Stray piercing (*new* @ Bodyfy)
06 CODEX_Chin Stray piercing (*new* @ Bodyfy)
07 CODEX_RARE Stretched Tunnel ears Stray piercing (*new* @ Bodyfy)
CODEX_FOX COLLAR (*new* @ Cosmopolitan)
-SECRETS- Bianca Rings – Black (*new* @ Crossroads)

Entice – Adrenaline Corset (Treasure Chest Feb 2017)
ERSCH – Sapphire Axe  (Treasure Chest Feb 2017)
=Zenith=leather legging with belt (Black)

poses by Tracy Redangel

{RW} Dungeon Entrance Ruins – Treasure Chest Feb.
{RW} Red Leafed Maple (Treasure Chest Feb 2017)

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