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You Don’t See Me

Threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back a name
In your recollection down among a million same
Difficult not to feel
a little bit disappointed and passed over
when I’ve looked right through to see you
naked but oblivious
and you don’t see me
But I threw you the obvious just to see
If there’s more behind the eyes of a fallen angel
eyes of a tragedy
Here I am expecting just a little bit too much
From the wounded but I see through it all and see you
‘Cause I threw you the obvious to see what occurs behind the
eyes of a fallen angel
Eyes of a tragedy
oh well, oh well apparently nothing
apparently nothing at all
You don’t, you don’t, you don’t see me
You don’t, you don’t, you don’t see me
You don’t, you don’t, you don’t see me
You don’t, you don’t, you don’t see me
You don’t see me
You don’t see me at all
Perfect Circle 3 Libras
I don’t make it a habit of listing entire lyrics, but these are rather short and sweet and really express something that’s been pretty heavy on my mind recently. People play these little games with each other…testing friends to find out how well we can trust each other…testing potential lovers for reactions. While we’re sitting there with our expectations, they might very well be sitting there trying to please us not realizing that we’re testing them at all, nor are they being honest with their response…so we walk away from each other wondering what happened. How did it all go so wrong?
Or worse we go out of our way to make it pretty damn clear where we stand. We reveal layers of ourselves to another and they’re as oblivious as can be to what’s happening right in front of them. We figure direct doesn’t work, so we drop hints…they still don’t get it. Its as if they don’t see us at all. They see something they’ve created in their own mind and have not figured out anything about who we are…absolutely clueless. And we are at a loss…


Yes, once in a while I go dark…very dark, but look at the gruesome inspiration I have found to tap into that darkness. While perhaps not cocktail attire for Frank’s, this delicious dark gown from Lybra with matching mask, begs for my dark side to step forth. To let my inner demons crawl forth and dance on the gallows.


LYBRA . The Host Mask White (resize)(new @ Memento.Mori)
LYBRA . The Host Gown White (maitreya)(new @ Memento.Mori)

scene: *Drot* Dreary SkyBubble – (new @ Memento.Mori)
uK – Pueblo Viejo Gallows (*new* @ The Epiphany)
poses !bang

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