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What if…Robot Love?

I recently watched a documentary about sex robots and I’ve read a few articles about it, as well. (Thanks, Tracy.) I’ve recently binge watched Westworld. I’m currently binging on Humans. From what I can tell, we’re a long way from hosts(Westworld)  and synths (Humans). All of this naturally gets me to wondering all sorts of What ifs? So, off we go down the rabbit hole that is Sady’s mind….weeeeeeeeeeee!
When thinking about purely sexual robotics, I think they would just be another form of high tech sex toys. There are, afterall, some very mechanical and rather robotic extreme sexual instruments out there. I’ve even heard that some sound quite a bit like saucy construction work. *smirks* However, what if they actually did manage to merge the cloning process with robotics? I’ve seen documentaries about men that were “in love” with their real dolls (or whatever they’re called…sex dolls, more fleshy, less blow up kind) and I can’t help but wonder…What if these synthetic humans…or sex robots become a reality?


I remember as a child being extremely attached to my stuffed animals. Not in the sexual sense, mind you, but I loved them. In my mind they had personalities and hearts. They were my friends. I cherished them. Naturally, as I grew older I understood that they were inanimate objects, but if grown adult men can fall in love with dolls. Won’t they fall even deeper in love with an animated talking doll? What if some mad genius actually manages to simulate life? Will we be able to tell the difference? What if we can all have the person of our dreams (provided we can afford it)? What if we could simply go online and design our human robot, much like the way we design our avatars and have it delivered directly to our homes? What if they can scan us to reveal our deepest, darkest thoughts?
What if we are synthetics ourselves? What if we are all robots made by a far more advanced species and that our world is just a giant grid controlled by a corporate entity or even aliens?
If you’ve ever played the Sims, you know that you can have them perform daily functions to include eating, using the restroom, showering, procreating…so, what if…we are merely avatars being run by someone or something else? This thought process for me is an endless one. I can’t help but wonder this though….What if sex robots become a legitimate thing?


Well, one can get quite lost thinking about all of that, yeah? So, clear my minds and go shopping for you dolly, because there are amazing goodies on the menu today! Truth Hawks has served up quite an assortment at The Epiphany, and don’t get me started with E-Clipse Design. I cannot get enough! This whole post happened because of what was originally going to be steampunk, but before I knew it…I was off and running with my robots idea. Don’t worry, while you’re out shopping, I’ll be getting back to “normal.”
Hahahahaha….yeah, right! Have a good one! ♥

hair: TRUTH HAIR Fire (*new* @ The Epiphany)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
skin: [theSkinnery] Opal (Catwa Applier) honey
lipstickMadrid Solo-Appliers- CATWA -Bewitched Lip Colors
bodyMaitreya Mesh Body – Lara

[ContraptioN] Watchmaker’s Goggles (*new* @ TMD)
ED. TrenchSuit Avion (*new* @ Tres Chic)
ED. TrenchSuit Boots  Avion (*new* @ Tres Chic)

poses by Bauhaus Movement (some editing done using AnyPose)
location: Insilico


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