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A Little Tied Up

I know there’s a popular consensus on the interwebs that Second Life is all about sex and I’m sure these pictures don’t help to disprove that myth. And while there is plenty of virtual sex to be had on the grid, there really are so many other activites. Yes, this is considered to be a social network of sorts, but there’s just so much more and I will NEVER understand those that log into this realm and say, “I’m bored.” How is that ever possible??? There are so many activities going on across the grid at any given moment, I can barely keep up. I have a hard time even keeping up with half my friends, because I stay so busy every minute that I’m inworld.
After being on the grid for over 10 years, I can tell you that I still haven’t seen it all. For one thing, this place is always evolving. Its almost refreshing to see something unchanged…ALMOST. I mean c’mon…I’m a mesh girl….head to toe. So, when someone says they’re bored, I can’t help but wonder what they really mean, because there’s lot to do here and if NOTHING piques your interest…why are you even logged in?
Live entertainment for one thing…from singing to choreographed dancing! There are even live comedians! There’s role play of every sort and you don’t even have to be experienced, most RPers that I’ve encountered are more than happy to help you along. I’m not even going to touch base on shopping, you must know about that already. There’s an endless degree of exploring and photographs just waiting to happen. Dance clubs of every music genre. There are cars, trains, boats, bikes…I mean seriously, every possible form of transportation. Lets not even start on all the silliness that awaits a real goofball.
Just don’t look to me to be your entertainment…cuz I’m a little tied up at the moment. *winks*


My focus in this post is this pose from Q Poses and well, what a great way to show off some skin, some new ink, and an accessory I grabbed a few months ago? If you’re an event shopper like me, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the incredible poses that Q Poses puts out and you’re about to see a lot more from me. While my focus is usually on what I’m wearing or sitting on…I think its time we start giving a shout out to all those amazing pose makers out there, don’t you? Me, too…so go grab some poses and show us whatcha got.

[monso] My Hair – Jihyo
[White~Widow] Sing – White (*new* @ Winter Trend)
[Fetch] Bow Cuffs
**RE** Good Kitty Collar
TETRA – Stretch-silk Lingerie

pose: {QP} – Time To Play (*new* @ 2nd Level Event)
Furniture: Artisan Fantasy

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