Quiet Christmas

Everyone talks about how the holidays are all about family and appreciating your loved ones. Yet, you rarely hear anyone say, “Hey, its okay to be alone on the holidays” or “I’d love a nice quiet Christmas at home alone with my furbabies.” I think the reason is because society and tradition have told us that to be merry, we must have more. As someone who often feels incredibly lonely, but is never truly alone…I can tell you that someday down the line I will embrace the solitude of a Holiday season. I don’t necessarily look forward to the reasons I will finally be alone in the literal sense, but after many years of having people in my face and in my business throughout the day? Yes, I hope that I will remember how crowded life can be and simply embrace the solitude.


We assume that no one wants to be alone for the holidays and most people probably don’t. However, for those that choose to be alone for the holidays, I commend you. For those that don’t want to be alone? Well, I can offer my company in a virtual world, as will many of your friends, I’m sure. Whatever kind of holidays you hope for, it is my wish for you that you have that and regardless of whether we get what we want or not? I wish you holidays filled love & laughter. ♥


Now, once again I’m going to tell you that there are events galore..I know that’s not news to anyone taking the time to read an SL blog, but I cannot stress enough that regardless of what holidays you celebrate, Tannenbaum has something to enhance your decor…not to mention tons of adorable clothes, hair, accessories…I mean, I could blog this event every single day and still not begin to showcase how fantastic and inspiring it is.

=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cristina” (*new* @ Uber)
[theSkinnery] Opal (Catwa Applier) (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
EF: Levity Necklace (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
-tres blah- V Neck Sweater  (September Luxe Box)
TETRA – Pencil Skirt  (*new* @ Uber)
_CandyDoll_Joly Heels (*new* @N21)

DRD gg rug brown
Fancy Decor: Twig Tree (gold) (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
JIAN Countryside Collies :: Family Rug
SAYO – Quilted Tile Fireplace (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Fancy Decor: Baroque Winter Landscape (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Fancy Decor: Paper Tree (words) (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Fancy Decor: Paper Tree (music) (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
SAYO – Candle & Light  Set (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Apple Fall Happy Santa Figure (Creamy)
Kalopsia – Carol’s Christmas Garland Single (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
The Loft – Tivoli Christmas Stockings (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
SAYO – Joy Holiday Sign (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
SAYO – Holiday Ornament Stacks (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Fancy Decor: Copper Magazine Holder (Spotlight Magazine Group Gift)
Fancy Decor: Floor Globe (gold) (FLF- Nov 26, 2016)
tarte. twig snowflake (white)
SAYO – Twig & Light Wreath (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
tarte. twig snowflake (white)
[HD]WinterLover sofa
~Best Wishes from Alia~ Holiday (Xmas group gift 2014)
hive // jolly coffee table chest  (*new* @ Tannenbaum)
Forest – Flower pot (part of ~BAZAR~Forest dining set)
[BDKX]-//- Merry Bowl 01.  (*new* @ Tannenbaum)

poses by an lar

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