Tell me why…

“Tell me why I’m waiting for someone
That couldn’t give a fuck about me”
Shiloh Dynasty – Waiting

waiting on the mail

hair: #Foxy – Blossom Hair @ equal10
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

Fortuna – jewelry set Corazon @ Unik
**RE** LUX Kitty Watch
{ZOZ} Bento Long Coffin Nails

Mug – Charlotte Tank @ Belle
Cynful 360 Belly Piercing @ Access
Cynful Long Skirt @ Access

pose by Del May

L2 Studio MINI Shoreline

{what next} Chelsea Mailbox

.:revival:. largo bench

You Do You, Boo!

Y’all know I love some Facebook drama, but rarely do I get involved. I like to just grab the popcorn and watch the showdown. The latest controversy I found was from a fellow blogger that stated there were simply too many events on the grid and she was getting disgusted by the entire scene. (I’m paraphrasing.) Oh the comments that ensued were about the best I’ve seen yet. There was no yelling or cursing or name calling! I know, its shocking right? It was almost scary as if the apocalypse was upon us and everyone had buckled down to offer suggestions. For a moment, I even thought there was going to be a winner or a leader chosen! Okay, I’m being a little melodramatic, but only because it amuses me.
Let me point out that I believe it is everyone’s right to put whatever the hell they want on their Facebook page, provided it falls within the TOS of FB. With that said, I think it can be detrimental to a blogger who depends on sponsors (for the lack of a better term) to attack (even gently) either side of the shopping community. However, the gauntlet was thrown and sides were taken. What I saw was that some bloggers have cut back, because its too much for them to keep up with. I saw creators say they no longer participated in events, because they preferred main-store traffic. I saw event organizers defend their events. I saw creators defending events.
The beacon of light was a comment about how these events would not survive without a thriving Second Life community. THAT made me smile. I have friends who own events, help run events, hell I’m the manager of one myself. I have friends that are creators, bloggers, and shoppers. I’ve been on the grid since late 2006 and I remember paying L$900 for a pair of boots that were made from nothing but prims. Sculpties did not exist yet. Flexi wasn’t even a thing yet! There were only a handful of “decent” stores and now our cups runneth over.
Rest assured my friends, there’s room for everyone. It’s all about what YOU want to do with your lindens and your time. No one is going to force to work or shop at an event, much less blog it. And to my blogger friends, I urge you to stay true to who you are and what you want to represent. In other words, “You do you, Boo!”

Valley of sickness

hair: [ session ] Snapback cap and hair @ eBento
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – .:Ulyana:.

ROSSI. Circle of Life Earrings
Lunar – Luna Top @ Equal10
Lunar – Luna Pants @ Equal10

{Imeka} Sits 06 – Pose Pack
location: Hope


It’s no secret that I love doing collaborations with other bloggers, but finding the right time, scene, pose, clothes, etc….its not as easy as one might think. Well, finally, after months of saying we would, Tiffany Parkin and I got together, throwing caution to the wind, we did our first collaboration. I’m calling it foreplay, because I want to do another, sexier more tantalizing photo in the future. Poor Tiffany has been dragged into my world since the night we did this photo and I fear she’ll never be the same. *grins* You can find her version by clicking her name above and it will take you directly to her blog. ♥


Tiffany is wearing:
hair:  Stealthic – Dawn (*new* @ Kustom9)
head: CATWA HEAD Catya
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Cae – Avril Earrings & Necklace @ FaMESHed
Cosmic Dust – Cassie Lingerie Bra  @ Uber

Sady is wearing:
hair: Tableau Vivant // Apricot hair @ C88
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

(Yummy) OM Layered Necklace
{le fil casse} Natsumi Bralette Plain Maitreya Pink @ LootBox

pose: FOXCITY. Legs Legs Legs Friend Pose

.:Joplino:. Backdrop It Was All A Dream

Love Without Limits

I’ve always found it rather odd that people will label one another best friends then compete, manipulate, or bully one another. That’s not even friendship, much less “best” friends. To have true friendship, you must treat one another the way you wish to be treated. My best friends and I (yes, I have more than one. I have four) give each other hell, but its all in good fun. We do not get jealous of each other. We do not attempt to own one another. Nor do we throw tantrums about who they spend their time with, where they are, or what they’re doing. No, we are not perfect, but one of the reasons these friendships work is that we respect each other. We love each other without limits. I’ve gotten into arguments with two of them, but we’ve always worked it out. I see so many so called friends treat each other so terribly that it makes me wonder if they even have a clue what friendship really is and if they have said clue, I question their definition.

that midas touch

hair:  Foxy – Sol Hair @ Kustom9
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

MINIMAL – Chiara Glasses -Gold
Ascendant – Golden Girl Nails
Blueberry – Sunny – Bikini V1 – Top
Blueberry – Sunny – Bikini V1 – Bottom

pose: GingerFish Poses – Invigorate
location: Surfer’s Bay

Going Outside

The weather has been so crazy lately, but there have been a few random perfect days. Admittedly, I’m a bit agoraphobic and I absolutely hate leaving my house. However, I do have a gorgeous dog that absolutely refuses to grow opposable thumbs. Thus, I must step out the door from time to time to allow her proper care. I wasn’t always like this and I remember many years of spending as much time outside as I possibly could. I suppose that’s just one more thing I love about Second Life. In this amazing virtual world, I can go anywhere without actually leaving the comfort of my home. I can explore to my heart’s content without anxiety or pain. I am so grateful for the experiences this virtual world affords me.


hair:  DOUX – Angelica hairstyle @ Equal10
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

[Avenge] Royal earrrings @ Unik
[Avenge] Royal necklace @ Unik
~Nerido~ Ariadna T-Shirt @ Belle
{le fil casse} Lorianne Denim Shorts @ C88
phedora ~ Ava platforms @ Belle

pose: FOXCITY. Thoughts

location is my friend Tracy’s private property

Caught in the Headlights

I’m feeling a bit like a deer caught in the headlights at the moment. I’ve been awake a little over an hour and the weight of the nightmare I had still rests upon my shoulders. I cannot shake the devastation of the dream. The pain lingers like an icy claw dug deep into my skin, taunting me with images and words not spoken in the real world, but in the depth of my sleep. As if they are forever etched into my mind. Not only do I sit here suffering at the hands of this insufferable nightmare, but I awoke to disappointment and a feeling of abandonment. Part of me wants to go back to sleep, but I fear the nightmare will return. Despite the fact that I do not wish to go back to sleep, I’m not sure I can face this day and my eyes lids are so heavy, I fear I may not be able to keep them open.


hair: :::Phoenix::: Nicole Hair
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

Dahlia – Emma – Earrings @ C88
**RE** Aurora Bracelets
TETRA – Ex boyfriend shirt @ C88

pose: FOXCITY. Surface Set

Art Creates Art

I was watching a Billie Eilish interview on YouTube and she said something that rang so very true for me. She said that art makes art and she was referring to how a drawing that she got from a fan inspired one of her videos. I couldn’t agree more. I am constantly inspired by other bloggers and photographers. I’m by far not a great photographer. I do alright and I like most of my photos, but I am completely blown away by so many other people and what they create.


Ariskea[Folia] Flower paper bag [simple]
Ariskea[April] Succulent Plant Silver

DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring @ Belle
-DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring / Floor Vases
-DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring / Vase Decor
-DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring / Stick Vase
-DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring / Pampas Vase
-DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring / Candlesticks
-DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring / Framed Picture
-DISORDERLY. / Neutral Spring / Cabinet

{moss&mink} Sweet Treasure – Walnut
{moss&mink} Snugglebed

N4RS Vintage Bruxelle Rug

.:revival:. rattan pillow basket
.:revival:. isi stool linen
.:revival:. tic tac toe

..::THOR::.. The Wanderlust Collection @ TLC
-..::THOR::.. Travel Journal
-..::THOR::.. Stacked Luggages
-..::THOR::.. Easel
-..::THOR::.. Astrolabe
-..::THOR::.. Scattered Memories
-..::THOR::.. Camera

.peaches. Zonlicht – Mallard Pair – White

[Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Sleep
[Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Duo


“Listen as the wind blows
From across the great divide
Voices trapped in yearning
Memories trapped in time
The night is my companion
And solitude my guide
Would I spend forever here
And not be satisfied
And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d, wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear
Through this world I’ve stumbled
So many times betrayed,
Trying to find an honest word,
To find the truth enslaved,
Oh you speak to me in riddles and
You speak to me in rhymes
My body aches to breathe your breath,
Your words keep me alive
And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d, wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear
Into this night I wander,
It’s morning that I dread,
Another day of knowing of
The path I fear to tread,
Oh, into the sea of waking dreams
I follow without pride,
Nothing stands between us here
And I won’t be denied
And I would be the one
To hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d, wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes dear
I’ll hold you down
Kiss you so hard
I’ll take your breath away
And after I’d wipe away the tears
Just close your eyes”


Sady is wearing:
hair:  Sintiklia – Hair Titania
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

Cynful One Sleeve Knot Top @ C88
Blueberry – Sammy Jeans
Blueberry – Sammy Boots

Cruel is wearing:
hair: Dura-B89-Hair
head: CATWA HEAD Daniel
body: [Signature] Gianni Body

::GB:: Henley shirt

pose: Ardent Poses – I’m Here @ Flourish

Sunshine – Rampage Backdrops – The Bearded Guy @ Unik

SAYO – Crystalline Pendant Lamp @ Uber

crate Upcycled Wall Shelf – Pastel @ Belle
crate Upcycled Pouf – Pastel @ Belle

Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Spaniel Resting

[ zerkalo ] Pile of books 2


So Distant

“Somebody get me a hammer
Wanna break all the clocks and the mirrors
And go back to a time that was different
A time when I didn’t feel like there was something missing
Now my body and mind are so distant
Don’t know how to escape from this prison
How can I free my mind?
Cause I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
Ooh, ooh, ooh
I can’t breathe
How can I live in the moment
When my thoughts never feel like my own and
Don’t know how to admit that I’m broke
How can I be alright?
Cause I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe”


hair:  DOUX – Prudence hairstyle
head: CATWA HEAD Denice
body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
skin: #PUMEC – Sophia

BONDI . The CyberCat Headphones @ Vanity
amias – CORALIE collar pack @ Flourish
[The Forge] Amanda @ Belle

FOXCITY. Cozy Bento Pose Set

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